Tibet launches the 2021 Constitutional Promotion Week

Tibet launches the 2021 Constitutional Promotion Week

  The event site. Reporter Yan Menglin took the eighth National Constitution date, this year’s publicity theme is "Xi Xi’s approach to the rule of law, and unswervingly caught the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics."

In order to further promote the spirit of socialist rule of law, enhance the legal concepts and rule of law of the people, on December 4th, the 2021 Tibet Autonomous Region of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the 2021 Tibet Autonomous Region, the Autonomous Region, the Autonomous Region Department of Publicity, the Autonomous Region, the Autonomous Region, and the autonomous region. begin.

  On the day of the event, more than 50 parties in the Autonomous Region Party Propaganda Department, the Autonomous Region Justice Department, Autonomous Region People’s Procuratorate, Autonomous Region Senior People’s Court, combined with their respective functions, through suspension banners, distribution materials, exhibition, knowledge question, on-site consultation, etc. Legal laws and regulations to the Constitution and the Civil Code and the Civil Code and the Mass Production and Life, and actively mobilize the people’s respect, learning, law-abiding, usage, and improve the rule of law of the rule of law, enhance the concept of rule of law, and do things according to law. Learn, solve problems, and resolve contradictions. The Poly Autonomous Region also fully places the demonstration leading role, builds outdoor full color LED screens, scrolling the constitutional propaganda film, etc., attracting a lot of people who stayed in the past.

Dasha City Experimental Primary School Sixth Student Once Dinnin Tell the reporter: "Today is the Constitution, I have received many legal books and information, the harvest is very big, will be carefully read after going back, and strive to learn more law Knowledge.

"The relevant staff of the Autonomous Region Pufa Office said that November 29th to December 5th is the fourth" Constitutional Promotion Week ", and the" centralized propaganda + theme activity "in our district has been adopted in the form of a series of coverage. , A variety of forms, distinctive propaganda activities. At the same time, our district also held a constitution into enterprises, constitutional enterprises, constitutional accessories, constitution into campus, constitution into communities, constitutions into religious event places, Constitution into network 7 theme activities Surrounded by the masses.

  The reporter learned that on November 13th, the party committee and government of the autonomous region, the first five-year plan for the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the Justice Department of the Autonomous Region on the eighth five-year planning (2021-2025) "in the whole district to promote the public treatment and education, marking The "eight-five" law in our district fully kicked off. During the "Eighth Five-Year Plan", the law of law in our district will be closely surrounded by four major events of stability, development, ecology, and strong, to enhance the awareness of the people of all ethnic groups, citizenship, and the awareness of the rule of law, with "legal seven" Carrier, to urge the implementation "Who is law enforcement who is the law, who is the law, who serves the law, who uses the law" to the law, further increase the accurate law, and focus on improving the pertinence and effectiveness of law. sex. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

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Shenchi County focuses on the transformation and upgrading of the demonstration zone – Yellow River News Net

Shenchi County focuses on the transformation and upgrading of the demonstration zone – Yellow River News Net

  Since this year, Shenchi County adheres to the basic principles of reform and innovation, planning and leading, agglomeration, and development orientation, with "one special three upgrade" as the leader, and focus on the transformation and upgrading of the Modern Industrial Demonstration Zone.

  Continuously cultivate the leading industry.

Fully implement the leading industry promotion, the new industrial speed, the traditional industry improved the three major actions, fully excavating the potential of agricultural resources in the local characteristics, chain, make up the chain, and the end of the chain, we will surround the organic drought of the organic drought Chain, sheep industry chain, sandstick industry chain, medicine tea industry chain, potato industry chain, edible bacterial industry chain, flax industrial chain, moon cake industry chain "eight major industrial chains", strong promotion of the advantage of the characteristic industry to make great strength, promote industrial agglomeration Development, focusing on the high-end industrial clusters based on agriculture, animal husbandry, and accelerate new agriculture based on new energy, new materials. Continuously carry project construction levels. Tightly around the six industrial clusters and top ten special strategic industrial chains, excavate local core competitiveness, play the advantages of landmark products and organic green products, and promote differentiation, split development with the surrounding area, and this is based on this Quality of the attraction.

With greater determination, more powerful, hard measures, promote more large projects, and good projects are in the demonstration zone. Up to now, there are 4 items in the "Signing", with a total investment of 100 million; Let’s take advantage of the public brands of "Live Ice Pool". Through standardization management, we will focus on problem-loss, quality and good quality, and improve the image of Shenchi products. Continuous improvement of technological innovation. Adhere to the basis of technological innovation as a high-quality development, and further play a role in the scientific and technological innovation comprehensive service center of the demonstration zone and continue to introduce high-level talents.

Promote the demonstration area to deepen reform, deeper the "commitment to system + standard land + full-age" reform, accelerate all kinds of innovative resource elements, deeply promote the integration of industrial production, so that technology innovation "key variable" truly high quality development "maximum increment "Work hard to create innovative elements aggregation areas.

Promote 14 government unified service, publicly listed, let the acres of three state-owned construction land use rights, standard land transfer 42 acres.

(Liu Xuefeng).

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Taiwan’s year-end views of Baishi Chen (reporter observation)

Taiwan’s year-end views of Baishi Chen (reporter observation)

  The Lunar New Year’s Eve is approaching, and another cold air hits the station.

At the end of the year, there will be many people will be worried about the New Year; but for the rich people in the island, every year, it is the time when they are, after all, they earn real gold and silver, take a few Appeal, send some red envelopes, is their regulations. These days, Taiwan opened from the south to Northern New Year’s Street. Dihua Street in Taipei has a total of 247 booths. This year, it is necessary to open to the "Tony" – 29th of the island, 4 days over last year. Walking on the streets of Taipei, people still go to work normally, at night, lights, car water, lady, the atmosphere of the New Year is more and more strong … How is the Spring Festival ticket in the island? The Taiwan Railway Authority said that this year’s T Irash Spring Festival is no longer difficult to seek tickets, from January 21st, there are still surplus.

This year’s Spring Festival Tie has opened 647 trains.

In addition, there are also 5 columns of red-eye trains in the Spring Festival, to Taitong, Hualien, Kaohsiung, and provide a discount of 10% discount. Order Innovation High Economic Top Relatable Taiwan "Economic Department" Recently announced the number of export orders in 2013, the growth rate is% and%, double double settings, new high, the annual order amount is 100 million US dollars, especially from the mainland And Hong Kong, Europe and the United States and ASEAN orders create a historical record, from the mainland’s order billion dollars, it has also created a new year, an annual increase of 1%, with the US economic recovery, the order from the United States is also a temperature.

  Every year, the year-end bonus is more widowed, and several happy families.

In the island, the human banks analyst, although the overall economic performance of Taiwan last year is still weak, but the average year-end award is expected to increase. The current year-end bonus, Ding Taifeng is 20 months old, many listed board companies and banks, insurance, real estate and other industries, last year profit, the year-end award is more considerable, some is more than five or six months salary, more It reached 15 months.

  In order to give the people a good year, the "Stable Price Conference" recently held a "Stable Price Conference", the visitor monitoring results show that this year’s price is roughly stable compared with last year, the meeting emphasizes that the gasoline oil is 8 days before the Spring Festival (January 29 From February 5th), the price only fell.

  Also in the work of the work, there is thin and thick, and the smile of the profit enterprises such as finance, real estate, the industrial boom is lowered.

Li Dawhua, Director of Public Relations, Taiwan 1111, said that food, textile and education groups in traditional industries, etc.

  Compared to the early glory, the current media industry is relatively low, the output value is not high, the competition is fierce, and the profit is not good, so the good media year-end award will only send more months, some can’t .

The year-end bonus of the island is not yet released, "Apple Daily" and "China Times" group have been finalized, "Apple" is more convention to give more conventions, while the group can give up to month. The city road is not booming, making many workmanship year-end bonuses.

There is a survey in the island show that Taiwan’s office workers are estimated that this year does not receive the year-end bonus, and most companies may only get a mini-year year-end.

  Helping the weak people have a happy New Year to make the weak people peace in the New Year, the Taipei City Social Security Bureau announced the Spring Festival condolences gold plus code, in addition to improving the low-income house condolences, also warm for near poor, special situations, a total of 10,000 households 74.87 million yuan Xin Tai Tin Spring Festival condolences gold. In Taiwan, every year in the New Year, many children are looking forward to collar red envelopes, eat new year, but there is a group of familiar children in remote hometown, feeling not to have a happy New Year, I don’t know where I have done.

Taiwan Child Welfare Alliance Recently announced "2013 Taiwan Children’s Children’s New Year Survey Report" showed that there is a simple meal of the people who have a native of 60% of the nations of the people. Not only the night is not enough, the survey pointed out that two-eight-seven-eight-native children often feel hungry, but usually only bubble noodles, cookies can be hunger; there are also six-year-old pointers and children when they sleep, "Cotton is not warm enough ", Doubled than last year, the situation is worrying.

The survey also found that there are nearly 50% of the native boy, just put a winter vacation began to worry about the tuition fees paid in the next semester.

  Chen Li, Executivemad, Executive Meeting of the Child Welfare Alliance, said that "the days can’t go, what year" is a universal voice, the Blessing Alliance has provided vulnerable families for many years, this year is poor this year The demand for annual vegetables is nearly doubled from previous years.

She is looking forward to the community to extend a helping hand, help the weak children happy New Year. Tzuji Foundation held "Winter Distribution and Bulf Furnace Activity" in Guiji, January 18, invited Tzu’s taking care of people with nearly 500 people, and presents warmth and blessings. The Nantou County Government recently held winter relief activities in the county maternal house, a total of 1.62 million yuan of New Taiwan coins and more than 8,000 kilograms of white rice were sent to the local 500 vulnerable families.

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This government consumption Raiders IP has pulled consumption of about 150 million yuan for Guanshanhu District.

This government consumption Raiders IP has pulled consumption of about 150 million yuan for Guanshanhu District.

The launching ceremony of the activities of "Colorful Guizhou Refreshing Guiyang · Tesco Guanshan Lake Warm Attention". Ding Weixin took a record from the Guanshan Lake District Financial Service Center that January 16th to February 18th, "Watch New Year Festival" promotion of "Watching" and the "online new year" event launched by Industrial and Commercial Bank 11157 coupons, 2,476 group gift boxes, and pulled the consumption of 1.6 million yuan. The national traffic volume of Guomao Fucheng, which is mainly at home, has reached 450,000, with a turnover of 11 million yuan.

Review 2020, grab coupons, cloud hair cloth launching ceremony, cloud reading card, friends circle forward set praise, cultural and sports training, sports events … These contents have become the consumption word of Guanshan Lake District.

Since April 28, 2020, "Colorful Guizhou Refreshing Guiyangle Buy View Mountain Lake Warm At Consumer Season" and "View View" Activity Since the launch, Guanshan Lake District actively carries out all kinds of theme activities to help the entire regional consumption market Recovery, rich promotions have strongly driven rapidly in the jurisdiction. "This event, let the Guanshanhu District have excavated the potential capacity of the consumer market, entity commercial recovery, and our center has been continuously innovated, integrated all financial institutions, enterprises, business complex resources, and continuously launch a series of activities.

"The relevant person in charge of the Guanshan Lake District Financial Service Center recalls, on the one hand, the center has passed the government to integrate publicity, financial, commerce, all-round, and all-round ways to continue to be healthy and healthy; on the other hand; Financial institutions use the online marketing platform for merchants to drain and help the economic development of the entity.

Taking the "View of View" as an example of the theme activity in June.

From May 30 to June 7th, 2020, "Fun View" Theme "Colorful June Six Happy Children Enjoy" Theme Event Joint 460 merchants in the jurisdiction, issued online coupons, pull consumption of 4.66 million yuan On June 30, 2020, "Carnival, One Summer Wen", "Carnival, One Summer", "Summer Summer", "Happy A Summer", "Happy A Summer" "Yue One Summer" Summer "related topic activities, Huihe 48" 48 WTarves, more than 100 food business merchants, totaling consumer coupons, pulling millions of consumption million yuan. As of the end of 2020, "seeing the views of the game" carried out six topic activities, carrying more than 20 series of production activities, issuing coupons, more than 2,000 merchants in the whole district, driving more than 20,000 passengers, totaling consumption $ 100 million.

In propaganda, the regional financial service center, the business logistics gathering service center, the cultivation of the media center, etc. publicity.

With the help of mainstream media promotion platforms, Guizhou Financial City Light Show, Planning Network Red Activities, Outdoor Large Screen Rolling Playment, etc., let "see the view" activities brand realize a large amount of flour in the short term, visibility And the influence is greatly improved. "From the first phase of activities, ‘Viewing the play" continuously enhances the extension of brand connotation, successfully completing the construction of trademark and copyright registration, public number and applet, the first government consumption Raiders IP, and major financial institutions, enterprises, Merchants’ cooperation is more smooth.

Through the series of activities, ‘The "View View" brand quickly rapidly in Guanshan Lake District, and even in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province enhanced the visibility, and all-round way of driving the consumer economy continued to healthily and healthily. According to the relevant person in charge of the event, the next step, Guanshan Lake District will further start "watching the view" IP brand, planning to launch more themes, distinguished, colorful activities, to promote the persistent view of the mountain lake Vibrating cost and pull the economy steady growth.

(张奕妍) (Editor: Lin Yan, Chen Kangqing).

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Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Harbin Harbin Road Branch creates a warm heart bank

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Harbin Harbin Road Branch creates a warm heart bank

  Pudong Development Bank Harbin Harbin Road Branch to enhance customer satisfaction as the tenet, while giving customer professional financial services, actively improve customer service experience, so that people, Huimin, respect for the elderly, provide customers with a micro intimate service, create Warm heart with temperature. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Harbin Harbin Road Branch is committed to adding financial services to the people’s lives, allowing social public to understand various financial risk cases around me. Since June of this year, Harbin Road Branch has launched the "Monday Class" – "Popular Financial Knowledge Series Small Class", on-site explanation and analysis of financial fraud and telecom fraud cases in real life, and invited the National Street police station police scene The masses answer questions. The branch is located in the old town, and the older customers are more concentrated and mostly empty nesters, and there is generally difficult to use electronic equipment.

Pudong Development Bank Harbin Road Branch Bank staff solves the various difficulties encountered in daily lives to solve the various difficulties encountered in daily life, and the elderly customers who cannot arrive at the outlets are solved in electronic channels. At the same time, set up a love service station to open the door for the sanitation workers, provide warmth, meal, meal, mobile phone charging, etc .; set up a special population service station, provide a helper to provide a wheelchair and other auxiliary equipment; Simple sign language and other ways to answer questions, staff members provide continuous service for those in need by exchange of mobile phone numbers and adding WeChat.


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Rethers, here is my best youth

Rethers, here is my best youth

Time is in a hurry, like water.

The blink of an eye, the leaves of the leaves, the grass is dying, and the air is filled with the taste of the separation. There is a group of veterans to return to the return of the returning train, say goodbye to the military camp to dedicate more than a dozen military camps, began to meet new journey. The military is one-line, LUNG Live. How many years, 16 years, these years, these years, they take root military camp, no regrets, use full of blood, and contribute light and heat for the construction of the troops.

Today, they are about to take off the military uniform, and they must be very uneasy, and they have to face a choice. Let’s leave this to sprinkle the sweat and youth’s military camp, who can do it lightly and free and off? The moment of reading the retired order, picking down the collar, remove the shoulder, and must have an incomparable attire and not. Looking back, I’m looking at the eyes, I can’t forget to touch the crawling. I can’t forget to work together. I can’t forget to laugh together. Too many memories are filled in my mind, and I don’t want to go. Take a look at this "three-finalist", how many days and night, they guarded the Wan Fire, and the heat of the summer is hot, and the cold of the winter is the sacred responsibility of loyalty to the sentinel. Afterwards, the steel guns in their hands are replaced by comrades, and this hottest comrades continue to guard.

The four-level warfare Chang Liang is a senior driver. In most 16 years, most of the long military years have spent the cab, driving technology can be said to be, hard Bangbang, have successfully completed the vehicle security tasks many times. Before leaving, he was most relieved or his car. He gave a car to the next driver in his eyes. He continued to pay attention to the vehicle like himself. There is too much about his memory on this car, and he is clearly known. "All the way, 16 years of military training career is the most memorant memory in this life, I never regret it to wear this military uniform, because it is a troops to grow, cultivate me constant progress, there will be no organization, I will not have Today. Today, this army will go to the end, I will always collect this unforgettable memory, keep the nature of the military, and create a new future! "He said in tears.

Ten years of military travel years, as if they are yesterday. I still remember that he led his comrades together to bite his teeth, encourage each other, always greeted all challenges in charge; remember, life, his church united, helping each other, excellent completion of the tasks given by superior .

He is like a gardener, and it has learned a lot from his body.

He also smells "camel bell" and when you leave. Because of the hot military camp, fortunately, here, the military camp makes the soldiers blood, and let the soldiers have grown up. I realized the constant alternation of the cold, and I feel the blood of the sweaty, I chose the military camp, no regrets; I chose the distance and went forward. Take off the military uniform, the military soul is still, it is never ended, but the beginning of another journey. I hope that all veterans will continue to maintain the nature of the military, with the active mentality to face the future life, I wish the foreigners, and climb the peak! Old soldier, treasure! (Wen: Wang Zeren Zheng Weiqing Map: Liu Jinxin Zhou Yucheng) Responsible Editor: Shang Xiaomin.

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Ruikang Hospital Neurology (Cerebralology): Save people with the heart of love with superb

Ruikang Hospital Neurology (Cerebralology): Save people with the heart of love with superb

Branch team. Ruikang Hospital for Talent Building Neurology (Eneban Disease) is now 63 medical staff, 4 doctoral, 16 master’s degree, 8 people.

6 chief physicians, 7 deputy chief physicians, 1 teacher.

The talent retainer is reasonable. Under the leadership of the hospital leaders and discipline leaders, Zhang Yongquan’s professor, the department attaches great importance to talent training. Every year, the medical staff will send a medical staff to the domestic famous hospital training, and participate in various training courses to learn advanced diagnosis and treatment technology.

Encourage medical staff to study doctors, constantly enhance the amount of the team. Teaching Scientific Research, in October 2004, Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine established the neuro-propriars, Professor Lu Zhi, member of the first director; the establishment of the Teaching and Research Office, every year, the Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academy, Saiss New Medicine College Chinese and Western Comparative Students, Chinese Medicine undergraduate, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, "Combination Medicine", "The Basic Knowledge of Neuristics" and Its Clinical Task.

Hospitals have related medical equipment: MRI, spiral CT, large C arm, muscle electromechanical / induced potential, EEG, TCD, etc., can be used for assistance inspections.

Teachers regularly carry out small lectures, teaching, and difficult cases discussions. At the same time, the teaching and research section selection teachers participate in relevant training in teaching capacity at home and abroad, and improve the level of teachers. In the past five years, there are 1 project-level education reform project, 7 school-level education reform projects, and 1 school level achievement, and publish a teaching papers at all levels.

Participate in 7 monographs.

Since its establishment, neurology (cerebral pathology) has always attached importance to scientific research.

In recent years, 21 issues were obtained at all levels, including 4 national natural science funds, 4 provincial topics, 18 departments, and a third prize of Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award, the Sub-management Bureau’s appropriate technology promotion award 1 prize, 1 second prize, since the Shuo Shuo, has always attached importance to scientific research. In recent years, 21 projects have been issued at all levels, including 4 national natural science funds, 4 provincial topics, 18 office-level issues, a second prize of Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 third prize, The first prize of the second prize, 1 second prize, 2 third prizes, and published more than 20 papers in the domestic and foreign journals, including nearly 20 articles.

(Ruikang Hospital) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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The right jade procuratorate off the front guard minor

The right jade procuratorate off the front guard minor

  (Reporter Langfeng correspondent Wang Xiaodong) Recently, the right Yupu County Procuratorate jointly education, and public security launched a special event for faculty and employment inquiries.

  Special events conducted inquiries through the national illegal crime information resources library, with the 25 primary and secondary schools in the county, the kindergarten including administrative staff, logistics personnel, security personnel, etc., and realized the front of minors protectionPlace.After inquiring, the employees have been found to have criminal records.

  In the future, the hospital will strengthen cooperation with the Education Bureau, the Public Security Bureau to establish information sharing work mechanisms, and jointly implement the entry inquiry system, and resolutely clean up and eliminate unqualified personnel to enter the campus position, block the black hand of the union of the minor, from the source.Guarantee each child’s safe and healthy growth and build a safe campus.(Editor: Li Lin).

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Read a good book, a history

Read a good book, a history

  China Tibet Network News November 3

The picture shows the reading share. In the book "Flowing Jikqu River – Learning Lhasa", Deji Timmy uses a popular language to tell the story, from her most familiar Lhasa, from the things around me From the near future, it is a very far, giving people a sense of appearance, immersive feelings. At the meeting, Ms. Degim was shared her growth experience and book creation background.

She said that as retirement cadres, old party members, responsibility to make their children and future generations, including many contemporary youth like history, learn more about the historical knowledge and cultural traditions of their nation. Therefore, I carefully summarize my feelings that I usually learn historical knowledge. I tried to write some short texts that can popularize historical knowledge, and the results have become the present. The picture shows Ms. Deji Ms. Share Creation Photography: Wang Shu "combined with the long-awaited people and things in my memory, giving young people to the story." Dejittim Said that if the reader can learn from a trace of benefits, it is the biggest relief against the initial heart. Professor Towang Da Ren said that the history of this book is equal, and it is also suitable for people who want to know the history of Tibet. Photo shows the scene photography: Wang Shu Tibet Autonomous Region Women’s Federation Party Group member, first-class inspector Zhang Lirong said in a speech, I hope that everyone will share the sharing of history, truly learning history, school history, learning history, school history . (China Tibet Network reporter / Wang Shujian Huajia) (Editor: Li Wenzhi).

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The scene directly hit the Sun City Garden Community Universally evacuated in the "red vest"

The scene directly hit the Sun City Garden Community Universally evacuated in the "red vest"

People’s Network Yinchuan November 18th (Liang Hongxin) "Residents of the Sun City Garden Community, thank you for 32 days, we are universal …" At 7 o’clock on the 18th, the community staff took the speaker to announce the seal. The news is accompanied by a happy voice, and the property personnel open the community door, and the residents came out of the community.

On the evening of the 17th, Yinchuan City responded to the new coronary virus infected pneumonia epidemic work headquarters, from November 18th, 2021, the Yinchuan Jinfeng District Forest Peninsula, Yinchuan City Xingqing District Sun City Garden Community Adjust to a low risk level. "The residents of the community have been looking forward to this moment.

The community plan is a small ritual. On the one hand, I want to thank the volunteers and the support of all walks of life, thank you for your watch assistance between community residents. On the other hand, I want to pass a sound, although the community is unsealed, but the prevention and control of the epidemic will often be unremitting.

Liu Chunyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jingtai Community, Jingjing Street, Xingqing District, said Liu Chunyan.

"In 32 days, we did 18 round nucleic acid testing. The government attaches great importance to our residents’ health and life safety. Every round of nucleic acid detection is very cooperated.

Because we have a winning belief, it will be able to defeat the epidemic.

"Yinchuan citizenship Haixia sighed.

And Wen Haixia mood, there is also a woman who has a pet out of the door. "There is no way to go out of the dog. Today, I want to take a breath with ‘McDull’.

"Unfair, my heart is also put down, 32 days stood very hard, but today I see the smile on the face of the residents, I think it is worth it." "Deputy Director, deputy director of Lijing Street Office, Xingqing District, said, although it is unsaped, the epidemic prevention and control of normalization cannot be relaxed," unpacking "is not equal to" solving defense ", must do personal health protection.

As of press time, Ningxia has no new diagnosis in 11 consecutive days, Yinchuan Jinfeng District Forest Peninsula, Xingqing District Sun City Garden Community has been adjusted to a low-risk zone, and the Ningxia is resumed to a low-risk area.

"According to the current epidemic situation, after evaluation, the autonomous region’s headquarters decided to gradually adjust the current epidemic prevention and control from the emergency state from November 18th, 18th to 24th, set up for 7 days. Disposal and normalization prevention and control transition period, there is a targeted to adjust some measures, step-by-step work, and after the transition period, the transition period is fully restored to the epidemic normalization operation mechanism.

"Secretary of the Party Group of the Autonomous Region Health and Health Committee, the Autonomous Region Office, the director of the Office of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Work Leading Group, the director of the headquarters Office, Director Tiande, said. (Editor: Liang Hongxin, tolerance) Sharing Let more people see.

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