12 hour Quanzhou: return "coral"

Quanzhou Bole Theater, Liyuan Opera performances immersion in the cultural district and contemporary, facing the audience up close the show. Pendennis / photo Song and Yuan China Marine Trade Center – Quanzhou, a traveler Marco Polo described by the "largest port in the East."

"Coral" is another name for that time Quanzhou, here cozy, rich, artistic, art, fashion and romance. Crossed people in the Jin Dynasty, the Central Plains civilization has brought this once wild place, and are being examined outside the South Division of the Southern Song court set the royal customs of China’s most prosperous period of the overall housed in this, getting into folk. The stars move things turn, things change, the Central Plains culture and fine solemnly, marine culture of open and inclusive, already with the south of the monsoon, permeates every inch of the fabric of the ancient city. Millennium precipitation culture of Quanzhou, becoming a glimpse of the Song and Yuan Chinese civilization and tolerance of precious blueprint.

5:30 Huai temple early in the morning, is located in Quanzhou Licheng District of painted door Street, Huai guanyuemiao time opened its doors. Soon, a constant stream of popularity and endless curl of incense, this street will deduce the busiest, most hectic scene.

Here is one of the largest folk belief activities Quanzhou, which is the seat of the ancient Quanzhou Huai door is the hub of water and land, to Quanzhou overseas trade, Huai is the only way. Throughout the year, regardless of wind and rain, Quanzhou people shall go guanyuemiao incense and praying.

Old Town is small in size and distributed in the vertical and horizontal lanes of the size of the temples there are five six hundred, doors and never cold, dense incense mixed with human heat. Since ancient times, both from the province he was flown exotic, Quanzhou the gods as to treat a friend, uphold the principle of "the more the better," "generosity" of.

Folk Belief is not punctual body repair training, more emphasis is earnest and straightforward leading to goodness truth. As guanyuemiao front of the couplet says, "cunning deceit, to pour Cheng Ho temple benefits; a fair and decent entry-not worship anyway."

7:00 Chengtian Si parrot Shan Hall recently, its historical and cultural center of Quanzhou Wuzu Boxing parrot Hill Museum opened more experienced, as a national non-heritage Wuzu boxing heritage of the people Zhou Kun, almost every morning, inspectors went to the site every day guide. While sixty-seven master hands-on teaching, truly a "words and deeds."

Chongwen martial, Quanzhou culture since ancient times.

"Shochu, fist, song," This saying, vivid outlines Quanzhou everyday life in the three entertainment.

In the past, Quanzhou many kids will be sent to military school, Zhou Kun physically weak people because a child is father got me martial arts. Zhou Kun Min’s daughter recalled, as a child, my father was still young Li Sheng, boxing have to get up early every day.

Former residence no courtyard, he hit straight fist against the wall every day, the course of time, the wall first black lime, uplift, and then fall, became the home of a scene.

And young people are attracted to the father Weapons are also a lot of weekends at night, and my father to teach stone courtyard in front of the Temple. At that time few pedestrians Temple, it is a good place for a quiet martial arts, no light, moonlight, just a blur identifiable figure accompanied by the sound of laughter and faint force Quanfeng. Wuzu boxing is in such difficult conditions, dictated by example, passed down from generation to generation in the private sector. 8:30 marketplace snack bar every morning, many people shared ride bikes, or take the ancient city of "white" (green tour the ancient city), to the old town for food.

Stop on the side of the road to eat a bowl of lack of championship, or eat a burnt meat, two bowls, drink a bowl of water soup, chewing the ancient times a thousand years ago, no panic Open the day’s work. Quanzhou cuisine is one of the protagonists of the sauce, but there is no shortage of big vegetables and famous dishes, but the famous seas is a palm, meat, beef, these city well snacks.

Perhaps these simple tastes can truly evoke their cherish and love for life and life.

Quanzhou snacks are extremely rich, the West Street is paste, Anhai Tuzhuzi, East Stone Sea Fried, deep Shanghai fist mother, lake rice powder … local people like several families. Although the Shannan south has become a smoke, but its "ancient and early smell" is on the taste buds of Quanzhou people. The old Quanzhou people living in Wenquina, Wenzhou, who is warm as spring in the spring, still proficiently with many ancient Central Plains cooking techniques, sticking to Rai ethnic diet of "food is not tired, not tired".

15:30 Ancient teahouse is in Quanzhou, and drinking tea is extremely universal living habits. Many Quanzhou people have baked tea in the morning. This "early tea" is not entrance, as if it can’t afford it all day.

The ancient language "cold night passenger tea is wine", Quanzhou is used to picking up the door, and it is necessary to cook it immediately, replace the tea.

In addition to home preparation tea, many Quanzhou people are also a tea.

Carrying a few bubbles of tea with you, gone to the place where the door came to the foot, a few long bench, a word of tea, dozens of tea cups, a group of tea rhyme Can begin. Old Quanzhou will remember the tea-enabled tea, commonly known as "tea table".

"Tea tablet" is often "talking about ancient" field.

A pot of tea, slowly shallow, listening to the "Talk about the ancient immorta", "Three Kingdoms" told "Water Margin". Nowadays, the street "telling ancient" is not seen, but the city teahouse can also be reached. Quanzhou people love tea, not only drink, but also love to fight. This is derived from the unique charm of iron governor, but also derived from the tea skills of Minnan people. In Quanzhou, tea shop Xingluo, often see a dozens of meters of small streets, and the tea shop has three or five. So, "Fighting Tea" became the best way to find a good tea in Quanzhou.

Every time the new tea is listed, the form is diverse, and the large-scale tea "is blooming everywhere.

18:30 Quanzhou Fuwang Temple Nanyin Play in Quanzhou, you may have had this experience: in a corner of the cultural palace or Wenmiao, attracted by a group of performers, curiously walk into the open-air viewer, find a seat to sit down, A cup of tea, start listening to the Nanyin, which is likely to float.

We should celebrate that you can see this form in Quanzhou, and the "Royal Clearance" is civilized, so that the possibility of listening and the participation of the people.

Although the stage is not perfect enough, there is a roaring in the sound, and there are those who have a dramatic dancer and the audience that will go back and move, and the junky is very far from the guessing of the Nangyu and the temple. However, this is the evidence of Nanyin’s source of land in Quanzhou.

The nature of folk story will appreciate the native, and the story of Nanyi’s introduction is the story, everyone can "understand". One of the people in the southern sound cavity will be rotated, and "a little" "one pick" is not only the tacit understanding and dialogue between the singer and the musicians, but also the boiling point of the people in the listener and the song.

The reason why Nanyin can pass the generation, a long time to sing, the newcomers are constantly emerging, and the pursuit of Quanzhou people’s persistence and silent dedication is not open. Since 上海楼凤网 ancient times, there is a phenomenon in the introduction of senior artists from Quanzhou.

Therefore, the sang regulation of the spit in the South cavity overseas has not changed, its singing, playing style, and retains the traditional features of the hometown Quanzhou. The deep feelings of Nanyin, a long melody, and the "Hei Geng of the Gentle" with Qing Shangle, the best of the hometown of overseas.

19:15 Quanzhou Pear Theater Theater "A large place near the East Gate of Guangming City, the stage shines in the lanterns and lights.

One to night, there are many actors and singers, at least 100 dramas, every drama is standing on their stage, there is a large group of people around the troupe, waiting for the actor’s lines and band playing. "In 1271, a Jewish businessman who was named Ya Dai was exhausted to the East, and came to 闵行区剑川路kb Tria, which describes such a vibrant Quanzhou in his work" Guangming City ".

Regardless of the memory of Jacob, the traditional art of Nanyun, Pear Garden, Galant Opera is still popular in Quanzhou.

In the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, the Song House of the Song Dynasty, the royal children brought the essence of the Chinese culture into Quanzhou because of her thoughts, and the "seven sons" pear garde players of the leader of the faucet, and came to the gate of the official and rich. The folks enter the hooks.

The pear garden played by "Song Yuan Nanyu" is like this in Quanzhou folk root. In the evening, Quanzhou Pear Theater Theater is in front of the square, there is always three or five complexes in the "waiting", there are many young people and parents with their children.

These "上海微信炮群二维码loyal powder" of these Fujian Pear Garden Experimental Supreme Troupe, I am afraid to fall a performance, even if they have repeatedly see the repeats of them. Culture originated from human life, and life reflects culture.

A historical and culturally known cultural relics and still fresh traditional folk customs. Out of the city, it is in the heart, the Qingming plus, the Dragon Boat Festival, the winter solstice pill, the new year bought tangerines, in the end of the years, there is a prosperous history, the history of the long history is still in the touch.

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