Rong County: In the past 1100 acres, the "Green Gold" is produced today.

Rong County: In the past 1100 acres, the "Green Gold" is produced today.

Citrus forest. Jiang Bing took the summer rain, always gives hot waves, a burst of "Eastern Rain", arrogant high temperature, the breeze, the hillside, the tree is smiling, Shawan Village, Xinqiao Town, Rong County 4 The group of Wu Zong’s face is a spring breeze, because the sky is beautiful, "obligatory" is watering for his thousand acres of citrus.

Standing around the high hills, more than 10 large hills have a green citrus garden, cross-seeking, vertical view, overlooking, more than 110 acres, nearly 70,000 oil green citrus, writing fields Mad. Here, in the past four years, the peasant entrepreneurs Wu Zongquan, "worker" investing nearly 10 million yuan in thousands of ecological high-quality citrus gardens.

Wu Yuanzhi, secretary of the village party, introduced this citrus garden in front of him, 4 years ago, these are very barren, regardless of how to meet the day, almost no income, like a ridiculous mountain, have not cultivated food in decades, Even weeds are difficult to grow. After Wu Zong’s full circulation, it took a big capital to renovate, and 4 excavators have taken more than 120 days in these more than 10 hills, and the highest modification cost is nearly 10,000 yuan per mu.

Wu Zongquan introduced that the citrus of the excavator was deeply smashed with a deep pit, which prevents longer drought; at the same time, dozens kilometers long irrigation network in the orchard interlaced. It can achieve irrigation and drought in the first time.

The 10 solar pendant lamps in the citrus garden, guarded the peace of the citrus garden day and night; a yellow contaminaworm is hung on the branch. "For less or not to apply pesticides, the fruit ecology is guaranteed, so the ecological means are taken to prevent pests.

"Wu Zongquan introduced.

With the development of the party, this sentence is really not fake in Shawan Village.

Wu Zongquan said, don’t look at the thin and wasteland, it is not harfented, but it really wants to turn, and some villagers are still "reluctant", so the village party branch has made a lot of coordination work to set the planting tree. . At the entrance of the door, the "technical" wage is sent to the villagers in an hourly unit, and in Rong County or the first. "Time work, one hour 12 yuan, salary is high than any farm, in which more than 100,000 yuan pay more than 100,000 yuan annually.

I want to resign a work-lived villager, I still can’t do it, everyone is happy to take high salary to eat at home. "Wu Zongquan said.

"In the orchard, there is a thousand yuan ” tomorrow, there is a noble citrus variety, there is no nuclear voices, there are 3 high quality varieties such as Ya Ya, the citrus here, because management ‘secrets’, can let December The citrus started to be listed, staying on the tree to sell it in April, I want to build the top, the highest quality of the highest quality, the highest quality of the highest quality in the county. Although there are only more than 40,000 kilograms of production in the beginning of this year, the province inside and outside There are already many merchants to enter the park to ‘talk about marriage.

Two years later, there will be 5 million citrus sales nationwide.

"Wu Zongxin is 100 times. Interview learned that 1100 mu citriculture is the main industry, and Wu Zongqi also leads more than 40 local people, founded Yongxing Plastic Factory, Xinqiao Town, Rong County, and took the money in the factory." Citrus in the place.

(Yu Meilin Jiang Bing Zhu Honglin) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).