Three sectors jointly released typical cases to strengthen family education guidance

Three sectors jointly released typical cases to strengthen family education guidance

On November 15th, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the National Women’s Federation, and China Working Committee jointly issued the "Typical Cases of Family Education Guidance Work" in the case of minor cases, "to guide the procuratorates, Women’s Federation, and Guan Gong The Commission fully understands the importance of family education guidance, learning advanced experience and practices. The highest inspection, the National Women’s Federation, the China Guan Work Committee requires the procuratorates and Women’s Federation, and the Treatment Committee, the Typical Cases of the Welfare Committee are referenced, combined with the actual situation, actively explore, and guide to gradually accumulate experience, establish In the region, family education guidance work mechanism, form long-acting, stable system and practice; exploring the effective family education guidance model and method, timely summing up experience, promoting theoretical research; give full play to the advantages of resources and talent advantages, and vigorously cultivating expert talents , Service team, consolidate the foundation of family education guidance. The 5-season case, including focusing, guiding the establishment of scientific education concept, source prevention of domestic violence crimes; focusing on building standardized working mechanisms, strongly solving the case of minors’ illumination problem; focusing on improving family education guidance, promoting serious Cases of bad behavior minors; focus supervision and supervision and family education guidance organically combined, promote family protection responsibility cases, and focus on integrating high-quality resources, and promoting family education guiding professional development cases. In Zhu Mou, Xu Moumou abused cases, Zhu A (9 years old), Zhu Moumou, is a woman who is not married to others.

Since 2018, the defendant Zhu Moumou and the cohabitation girlfriend Xu Moumou often beat Zhu A, often taking a screw, put it. In October 2019, Zhu matrios used a stick, and the fishing rod bracket hit Zhu Mou’s left calf injury. After treatment, the wound was ulted infection. On May 12, 2020, Xu Moumou filed a public prosecution by the People’s Procuratorate of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, was sentenced to 10 months and 6 months later. Considering that the case is improperly disciplinary, the procuratorial organ will start with the Women’s Federation, the CWIT will launch the guidance of family education; continue to track family monitoring, and consolidate the effectiveness of family education.

After 4 months of education supervision and guidance, Zhu Ajia’s parent-child relationship has improved significantly, Zhu Mou, Xu Moucou signed the "Guardian Commitment", and family life is normal.

In addition, local procuratorates, Women’s Federation, and Guan Congress established a normalization mechanism, and the source prevention of minors suffered from domestic violence.

The relevant person in charge of the Ninth Procuratorate Office, pointed out that family monitoring or misconduct is a major cause of "bear children". The procuratorial organ will further promote the implementation of the "Opinions on the Comprehension of Family Education Guidance" in minor cases, together with the relevant functional departments, strengthen household supervision responsibility, and enhance family education skills, and condense minors to protect their cooperation .