Strictly control support for entity economic loans into the property market

Strictly control support for entity economic loans into the property market

Original title: Strictly control the support of entity economic loans to enter the property market for real estate development enterprises, it should be clearly recognized that the entire industry high lever, high-liability model has been difficult to continue, once the tight financial chain is improved, it should be used Improve product power and maintain healthy and sound operation, and reduce leverage, reduce liabilities, and avoid stepping into the "three red lines" as the principle of long-term adherence. The CPC Central Committee held a meeting on December 6, analyzed the economic work in 2022. The meeting emphasized that "to promote the construction of affordable housing, support the commercial housing market to better meet the rational housing needs of buyers, promote the healthy development and benign circulation of the real estate industry." Housing issues are related to thousands of thousands of households, and the real estate market development changes to finance Stable and macroeconomic steady operation has a vital impact.

The deployment of housing issues further specified the direction for the next step in promoting housing security and promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

Promoting the construction of affordable housing is an important part of continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, helping to speed up the housing rental short board to enhance the people’s feelings. my country’s housing security system has completed the top design, including public rental housing, affordable rental housing, and total property housing. Among them, it is the maintenance of affordable housing in the new citizens and housing difficulties in solving the housing of large cities. In 2021, 40 cities in the country planned to raise the affordable rental housing. As of the end of October, the annual task has completed%.

From the perspective of "14th Five-Year" housing development plan, affordable housing, especially affordable rental housing construction will continue to advance.

For local governments, the relevant support policies of affordable housing construction should be implemented in place, so that the majority of housing security residents have achieved well, and they live better.

In the future, it will better meet the rational housing needs of buyers.

Since this year, my country has implemented real estate loan centralized degree management on banking financial institutions, and the distribution of real estate loan balances and two upper limits of personal housing loans account for two upper limits. Financial institutions that exceed the upper limit set, and establish regional differences The modulation mechanism is to avoid commercial banks to concentrate over a large proportion of credit in the real estate sector, and it is popular that the egg is not put in the same basket. This management initiative has achieved positive results, and banking financial institutions real estate loans, and personal housing loan concentration has decreased steadily. At the same time, there are also many buyers to reflect that some urban bank mortgage loans are prolonged, and it is difficult to meet the rational purchase needs of the purchase of the first suite or improve the housing. The person in charge of the SMS Regulatory Commission recently said that at this stage, according to different situations in all parts, focus on the first suite, improve the housing mortgage demand.

It is expected that the mortgage needs of the first set and improved housing will be better. The health development and benign circulation of the real estate industry is conducive to the economic achievement.

At present, individual housing enterprises operate risk, and its important reason is that they are not good and blindly expanded.

The entire industry should be given a warning, the real estate industry high leverage, high-liability, high turnover model has a huge risks, should abandon.

Implementing a benign circulation of real estate industry, avoiding the big market, strictly preventing business risks, avoiding adverse effects on the entire macro economy, to make real estate sales, purchase, financing, etc. are all in normalization.

Since the second half of this year, there have been significant cooling in the real estate sales market and the land market. Some enterprises finance, land, start construction, sales return, completion delivery, etc. have different degrees of difficulties, and believe that with the reasonable capital needs of real estate, especially Reasonable distribution of real estate development loans, M & A loans, and real estate markets will be expected to achieve a benign circulation.

On the same day, the People’s Bank of China announced that the People’s Bank of China will be reduced on December 15. In conjunction with the current real estate market, some people think that the real estate market will enter too fast, this view has not been protected. The relevant person in charge of the central bank said that the purpose of this reduction is to strengthen cross-cycle adjustment, optimize financial institutions, and improve financial services, and better support the entity economy.

It is obvious that the focus of the entity economics, especially small and medium-sized enterprises will be promoted, and the focus of small and medium-sized micro enterprises will be promoted to the financial institutions. It is worth emphasizing that "the house is used to live," is not used to stir-fry "this place will not change, and the speculators who still have the psychological psychology should give up the fantasy.

In the end of 2016, the first "room is not fried", so far, it has been unswervingly implemented, even if the pressure of economic downtown, especially the huge impact of new crown pneumonia, there is no shake, not Real estate is another means of short-term stimulating economies, not going to rely over the old way of real estate. Therefore, the relevant regulatory authorities should continue to adhere to the "housing and living" positioning, increase supervision, and strictly control the loans used to support the entity economy and enter the property market. For real estate development companies, it should be clearly recognized that the entire industry high leverage, high-liability model has been difficult to continue, once the tightening fund chain is improved, it should be used to improve product power and maintain healthy and benign, and will drop Leverage, lowered liabilities, avoid stepping into the "three red lines" as the principle of long-term adherence, should not try to blindly expand. (Editor: Luo Zhizhi, Chen Ke) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.