Qinzhou, Guangxi: "One School One Policy" to grasp the party construction of private schools

Qinzhou, Guangxi: "One School One Policy" to grasp the party construction of private schools

People’s Network, on October 29, in recent years, Qinzhou City, Guangxi, earnestly implemented the spirit of the party committee of the Autonomous Region, "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Construction Work of Private School Party", adhere to the distinctive guidance of the grassroots level, and "one school "For the start of the hand, find out the foundation, classification, and normal supervision, and promote the high quality development of the party building work in private schools. "One school one account" to clear the foundation of Qinzhou City through investigation, screening, registration, construction library, etc. Work coverage, in line with the city, county (district), town (street), based on colleges, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, training institutions, establish a work desk account, ensuring that each school is clear The situation is clear. At present, Qinzhou City has 263 private schools, including 1 high vocational, 3 second schools, 26 kindergarten, 233 kindergarten; establish 102 party organizations, cover 241 private schools 241.

The Classification of "One School First Place" Classification and Qinzhou City conducted an analysis of private schools one by one.

Regarding whether it is necessary to optimize the establishment of party organizations, whether there is a weak scatter situation, how to carry out the file promotion; for the establishment of the party organization, the focus on how to form, how to fight, how to operate and play well ; Ensure that the party’s organization and the party’s work effectively covered.

Since this year, the whole citizens have a new party member 127, absorbing 253 people to participate in the party, and 4 new party organizations, and promote 5 of the Star Party Organization.

"One school one connection" normal guidance is made by the Qinzhou Municipal Committee of Education and Working Committee, Qinzhou City from the Organization Cadres, retreats to the second-line party members, retired old party members to choose the party’s good, strong business, familiar with the party construction, and contact contact Private school.

Establish 20 Work Task List 20, clear the first secretary (Party Construction Instructor) to check the content, guidance, and the meeting, the meeting, should be reminded.

Taking the week as the cycle, the civilian schools conduct regularization and guidance, and establish a mechanism of hierarchical linkage solving problems, and timely solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of schools.

At present, the city selection of the first secretary (party construction instructors), achieving full coverage of private schools.

Since this year, Qinzhou City has carried out a normalization of normalization and guidance, and has 881 things to do well in the private school, and 39 levels are solved.

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