The grapes of Ding Jia Yanxi have laughed.

The grapes of Ding Jia Yanxi have laughed.

The Hall of the Hall is exposed on the face. The Wuqing District Committee propaganda department is viewed, and the black red face of Wu Lijun is swaying: "Now the grape is mature, the giant rose in our shed, the sweet blue gem and more have been listed, the granules are big Round, eat in your mouth, there is a rich sweet breath, especially welcome. "Looking at the vines of the film, Wu Lijun calculated a bill:" This year, we have 7 greenhouses 8 acres, each acre yield in 2000 -3000 pounds, net income is 10,000, with total revenue can have 120,000 yuan. "Thinking of this year’s considerable income, his face has a little more. Can have a happy life today, and the Wu Lijun is very emotional.

Ding Jiayu Village is a very ordinary village next to the North Yunhe, Wuqing District. In the past, Wu Lijun is like many villagers, only a large farmers, hard a year, and the most income of more than 10,000 yuan in the family.

"The days are difficult, we have two old people, two children, this is not enough for this money.

When our home is the most bitter, in order to save money, even a month, eat the big cake, because the big cake and pickles are the cheapest food … "Wu Lijun recalls.

7 years ago, the village "two committees" established the "Jinhe Tan" fruit and vegetable planting professional cooperative according to the "Party Branch + Cooperative + Farmers", and after the establishment of fragrant grape planting demonstration promotion base, the Wu Lijun decided to pack the draft and start Try the grape planting.

At the beginning of all the best, the beginning of the plant, Wu Lijun encountered the road to the road, the grape variety, and the infrastructure was not perfect. However, Wu Lijun has never been a "waiting for" people. He constantly finds the problem to solve the problem encountered by the Grape Orchard: God greed for the vineyards, weeding, self-buying books, and studying the learning planting technology … In addition, in the village "two With the help of the Committee, the professor of Tianjin Agricultural University came to guide the planting.

I didn’t understand anything I didn’t understand, and now I have become a good hand of grapes in the village.