Shenzhen Many Public Hospital Repair Project Completed Handling

Shenzhen Many Public Hospital Repair Project Completed Handling

Original title: Many public hospital repair projects were completed to hand over many people to seek medical public space facilities for many public hospitals in Shenzhen. The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Construction Works Department on October 11 that the number of municipal public hospital repaired by the Ministry of the Ministry was now completed, effectively solving the problem of "rush to expectations" in medical people.

  Shenzhen Medical University Shenzhen Hospital is the first in 10 hospitals in the repair project of the municipal public hospital. The first completed hospital repair project has been officially transferred to the hospital.

  City Construction Practice Agency has repeatedly conducted on-site investigation, and the tiles that need to be replaced blockilized blockade, and the number is gradually replaced after the number.

In order to minimize the influence of normal operation of the hospital, the department is divided into six issues, and the construction is arranged in the outpatient building in the outpatient building.

After 46 days, the repair project of the outpatient hall of Shenzhen Medical University Shenzhen Hospital was completed.

  As another year in Shenzhen, the underground parking lot of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital is also successfully transferred to the hospital this year. The new parking lot is a new space color effect, and the civic is new.

  It was built in 2004, Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Fuqiang District), before the rainy season, the first floor of the hospital, the top floor and the outer wall of the hospital, will have a serious indoor wall leakage problem. In this regard, the Municipal Construction Works Department has formed a three-step approach of "sparse, blocking, anti-anti-anti-", with a cumulative repair of about 8838 square meters, properly solved the problem of indoor wall leakage.

The ground is repaired on the surface of the healthcare building 1669 square meters of empty drums, which is organized in May this year. It is understood that in addition to the completion of the three hospital repair projects have been completed, the construction of Shenzhen University Shenzhen Hospital has been completed in April this year, and the repair project of Shenzhen People’s Hospital has entered an end. Other sub-projects have varying degrees. progress.

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