Tianjin Judicial Bureau Public Office Lawyers and Legal Adviser Wisdom Management System

Tianjin Judicial Bureau Public Office Lawyers and Legal Adviser Wisdom Management System

  Tianjin Public Office Lawyers and Legal Adviser Smart Management System is an important part of the Tianjin Justice Bureau "Smart Practice System". It is an effective means of judicial administrative agency on the public office lawyers and legal advisory supervision and services. Inquiry in the country , Selected, declared, review, filing to daily management, data statistics, annual assessment, integrity monitoring, case reporting on the full process online function, to regulate public office lawyers and legal counsel, convenient public office lawyers and legal counsels And participate in the lawsuit, fully play the role in the construction of the rule of law, providing technical support and security, and is awarded the Justice Department of the United Ministry of Justice.

  First, the wisdom inquiry – selection of legal counsels for the party and government organs to provide "Taobao" inquiry platform. The system has different dimensions such as practice information, assessment information, credit information, professional information, etc., the basic information of our municipal lawyers and law firms, accurate data, real-time update, and selection of legal counsels to party and government organs, verify the identity of lawyers, and investigate the lawyers. Performance, supervising and practicing behavior provides authority, convenient, wisdom inquiries.

  The second is the smart service – to apply for public office lawyers, and provide a full-procedure online service.

The system implements the "venting service" reform and "a system of three" requirements, and take the lead in achieving the full process of application filing in the country, the party and government organ users are submitted, automatically generate forms, scanned documents, real-time query backpoints , Processed progress and proceedings, file data automatically archive, can implement "one to do" or "zero run".

  The third is the intelligent management – help party and government organs to carry out public office lawyers, legal counsel everyday management, annual assessment. The system first provides a book printing, archive query, dismissal, statistical analysis, annual assessment, etc. of the party and government organs, and realizing the automatic summary of the data of the report data, promoting public office lawyers and legal counsels to perform their duties according to law, and give full play to the role .

  The fourth is the application – guarantee the public office of the party and government organs, and the legal counsel can perform the work according to law, and promote the role. Based on the dynamic database, with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Lawyers Association, Alipay Company jointly developed the national first example of the "Public Office of the Public Protection", with the characteristics of "brushing, double test", is the first in the country to settle Alipay, for the first time Joint issued by the Public Protection Division and convene a press conference to confirm the effectiveness of the lawyer’s electronic certificate to protect the public office, can handle the case, let the fake lawyer will not be informant.

  Next, we will further improve the system function and extension service field, and integrate the "Tianjin Program" for the construction of information technology and the rule of law government.