Traveling in Tiejia, Zhejiang team, the first group

Traveling in Tiejia, Zhejiang team, the first group

  After winning the third round of the Football Association of Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhejiang team began a short holiday.

After the league, the team ranked third with a 38-point rankings. Next, the League will enter the third stage, and the team’s key period of the team to consolidate the superpower, can be stable in the standings in the standings, will be an important part of the development of the team’s superchar. The league is basically expected, but the exposure problem still needs to be alert in the 8th game of the second phase of the league, and the Zhejiang team will lose 4 goals in the Zhejiang team.

Ranked third in the four teams in the super area. The second phase of Chengdu Rongcheng got 20 points (6 wins and 2 points), Meizhou Hakka got 18 points (6 wins and 2 losses), Wuhan San Town got 17 points (5 wins and 2 flat 1 losses).

  In the case of the first two stages, the gap between the Zhejiang team and the first list is 3 points, and the distance of a game is still within the controlled range, and it is possible to stabilize in the collar group sequence.

Such a performance is basically expected, especially the first stage of this season, two victories, Meizhou Hakka, indicating that the team has made more advanced in the game with strong brigade. In terms of team lineup, as two foreign aid Frank and Matthew arrived in team, Mu Xiekui’s hard work has been relieved.

In addition, the mini-county of U20, Yixian Yulian, let the team have more choices in the combination of U23 players and offensive ends.

  However, the team has also exposed some questions in the previous game: such as the use of individual positions (let Frank go to play the center), such as some of the games, the team faces the relatively weak team, unable to hold three points For example, enter the competition in the event of the intermittent period. If these problems in the next game, these issues cannot be properly resolved, which will undoubtedly add more uncertainties to achieving superior targets. The third stage of the opportunity, the key to yourself is the key to the grab, according to the competition system this season, the third stage Zhejiang team will continue to stay in the Meizhou Division, and the starting time is September 3. The four opponents in this stage are Jiangxi North Gate, Nanjing City, Suzhou Dongwu, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

  From the current point of interest, the ranking of the four teams is in ten, regardless of the performance of the overall strength, the first two phases, has a certain distance from the Zhejiang team.

This means that the third stage will be the best opportunity to consolidate points in the team. If you can guarantee more than 20 points, you will take a full psychological advantage to the fourth phase of the competition.

  From the perspective of the team preparation, the characteristics and performance of the opponent are the foundation, and it is more important to play their own advantages.

Compared with the first two phases, all aspects of the third stage team have reached the best.

The three foreign aids are complete, and the three lines of the three lines are sufficient. Although the rotation personnel in the middle and defenders are relatively small, the integrated is still the number of Chinese alone. In contrast, the first four in Chengdu Rongcheng took only two foreign aids to play games, and the third foreign aid Luo Moulo can catch up with the third stage. The new foreign aid of Wuhan Third Town has not been fully integrated in the system, and the team lacks overall problems has always existed.

In the third stage, in the opponent in Chengdu and Wuhan, there is Shaanxi, Kunshan, Sichuan, Nantong and Guizhou like a "hard".

Once the situation is lost, the Zhejiang team catchs up with and kicks up the chance. Of course, the premise is that the team can take the opportunity to live in front of you.

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