Tibet 50 years: see, Tibet urban and rural areas become new

Tibet 50 years: see, Tibet urban and rural areas become new

Nowadays, Liu Yuki District, high-rise forest, beautiful environment, business breath is getting more and more concentrated. The Shenli Times Square, located in the city center of Lhasa, has become a significant sign in the development of Lhasa city.

Lhasa Beijing Road.

Change [Lhasa] Before the new city, Lhasa City’s most prosperous main city is concentrated in the core of the Budala Palace and the Jokhang Temple. In recent years, the biggest change in Lhasa has been "birth" in the new city: Dongcheng New District, the central tourism city, and the western Liushui District, which is the "East Yanxi Expansion" mentioned in the urban planning of Lhasa. [Lin Zhi] In recent years, the basic conditions such as urban construction in Linzhi City have changed historical changes, and the urban area has reached a square kilometer. It has gradually formed a center of Linzhi City, and counties (districts) cities are nodes. Xiaowu Town is the urban network of the context and the urbanization rate is reached. [Changdu] In recent years, Changdu has implemented the renovation of the old city of Changdu Town, strengthened the construction of municipal infrastructure in the central urban area, has built Shengli Street, Shengli Bridge, Jiefang Square, Jixiang Pearl Park, Changdu Town Subsequent Water Factory The factory and other municipal projects have implemented major municipalities such as Changdu West Road, Binjiang Road, and the urban function is further improved.

[Naqu] In 1965, there were only more than a dozen gerbera rooms in Naqu Town, which was mostly the soil structure. After 50 years of development, Nagu town currently implements the construction of special small towns in Yanshiping Town, Shaosian County, completed Nima, Shuanghu, Ando, ??Nie Rong 4 counties central heating, water supply, water supply, oxygen supply, etc. Project pre-project work.

"Today’s Tibet, the sky is blue, the water is clearer, the land is greener, the air is more fresh, the travel is more convenient, the people of the people are more and more, the more you have to run!" To talk to the change of the city to the people’s lives, Lhasa citizen Central Gold A face satisfied.

In 1998, I advanced in Lhasa. The 17th Mr. Wang, who has been frank, she has already made Tibet as "second hometown": "Lhasa is a year. With the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the La Rio Railway, Lalin Railway Planning, there will be more mainland people to work here, live, build a beautiful Tibet. "" Now Tibet, the old city, the new city, the development zone, the industrial park is rapid development, more and more Developers have been in Tibet to create a livable home and shopping centers. In particular, the city construction of the capital city of Lhasa is experiencing a change in a quality, and is achieving leap-forward development. The constructioners and developers believe that Tibet will be better! " Retired old cadres in the stretch. Tibet’s urban construction development, with Lhasa as an example, after the opening of the Qinghai Tibet Railway in 2006, the 2007 Liu Yukin District has "born". After "silent" has conducted three years of basic construction, Liu Yukin District relies on the location advantage of Lhasa Railway Station, and has a large-scale real estate in 2010, with Lhasa Railway Station, and the major construction sites.

International Headquarters City, Lhasa Window, China Taishi City Square, Shengdi · Fortune Square, Juntai International Entrepreneur Headquarters, etc., the business is here "root". Insider analyzes that in the next few years, Lhasa’s business will change the earth.

The results of these changes have brought orders to ordinary consumers to be a more convenient shopping environment, more complete quality services, and selection.

Entering the New District of Lhasa, you can see that Najin Bridge is connected to the Lhasa Municipal Government, Tibet Convention and Exhibition Center, Education City … surrounding residential quarters, supermarkets, coffee meals, five-star hotels have begun to become lively. Dongcheng New Area is a city sector that Lhasa’s focus. After several years of construction, there have been a good momentum and booming machine, the road network framework is basically formed, and the major project has been steadily advanced, and residents’ life facilities are also becoming more and more perfect.

Welcome to the bridge, closely connect the new city "China Tibet Culture Tourism Creative Park" and the main urban area of ??Lhasa, "Wen Cheng Princess" is a new "business card" in Lhasa. "China Tibet Cultural Tourism Creative Park" is a cultural tourism industry aggregation area integrating folk culture, national technology, performance entertainment, cultural creativity, Wenbo show, hotel leisure, business sightseeing, idyllic scenery, and living services.

The park will rely on the deep and unique traditional cultural heritage of the nation, and the Tibet National Architecture, National Music, National Song and Dance, etc. will become a fresh museum of Tibetan culture. On July 23 this year, the Lhasa Municipal People’s Government signed the "Internet +" strategic agreement with Tencent, and the two parties will gradually promote the construction of "smart city" in Lhasa. At this point, the city of Lhasa will enter the "Internet +" new era. (Reporter Ding Wen Lu Ming).