Shenyang Wanda price reduction of 3,000 yuan to provoke the owners

Shenyang Wanda price reduction of 3,000 yuan to provoke the owners

The two buildings of special listings are launched, close to Qixing Street.

Some owners complained that a few months ago, I have just purchased a house in 10500-11000 yuan / m2, and this price reduction allows them to lose hundreds of thousands.

After launching the "Special Room" event in Wanda, many people ran to Wanda sales, and requested the sales office to give a statement.

Even through the network platform to the government to reflect the situation.

An industry insiders in Wanda Plaza (residential project), Shenbei New District, analyzed that if Wanda is really sold 3 thousand sold, may cause a large fluctuation in the region, and Wanda has a brand awareness, if the price is 3,000, it is bound to cause The surrounding other brand projects have been forced to deal with, and they have a big impact on the new house and second-hand housing market.

At present, the average price of second-hand housing in Shenbei New District is 8696 yuan / m2. If the new housing price is lower than the second-hand housing, the price is more sleep, the second-hand housing is difficult to sell, for the new housing market, the wait-and-see mood will be more serious. "Price reduction" is related to the tight of construction funds? Wanda "price reduction" activity, triggered everyone’s suspicion, some people began to worry that the housing prices in Shenbei New District will have a fell fell.

Through the reporter visited, most of the real estate in Shenbei New District remained in the original price and did not cost with wind.

In the Sino-Golden Times, the Chengcheng is a large number of projects in Shenbei New Area. The current price is stable, the cheapest product is also around 9,000 yuan / square meter, Jinsha Paris Garden, and the project has no significant price cut room. Source launched.

Regarding the real reasons for the "price reduction" of Shenbei New District, there is a rumor in the industry, it may be related to the construction of funds in Wanda Plaza in Shenbei New District. Shenbei New District Wanda Plaza is Shenyang Sixth Wanda Project, with a planned total investment of 7.9 billion yuan (including residential project), originally officially opened on September 30, 2021, currently within 2 months, the progress is worrying . The reporter observed that the facade of the mall has not been completely established, it is said that the internal activities are also stepping up the progress of the project.

Not far from Wanda Plaza, Shenbei New District, another commercial complex Shen Bei New District Wu Yue Square, also planned to open in September this year.

A person who knows that the reason why Wanda Residential Project is sold, and it is necessary to quickly return to funds to help Wanda Plaza successfully completed the business launch and seizes the opportunity.

About Wanda "price reduction" in Shenbei New District is the rumor of funding pressure, and has not yet been confirmed by Wanda Enterprise. Shenyang property market housing price slightly fell according to Shenyang Zhongyuan Real Estate in July 2021, the new commercial housing supplies 111 million square meters, down 27% year-on-year, down 22% year-on-quaternion, 1240,000 square meters of commercial housing, 14% year-on-year, 24%, currently the average price of new commercial housing is 12,391 yuan / m2.

In July 2021, Shenyang has built commercial housing data (data source: Shenyang Zhongyuan Research Development) Refer to the volume of volume data in the first half of this year, the transaction volume is relatively stable compared to the decline in last year.

In July, although the price has a loose sign, it has dropped a slight drop, which has dropped by 2% from the previous year, but it has not reached a large price reduction, and the average price of new housing has risen by 2% compared with the same period last year. The reporter found that the current base market in Shenyang is relatively stable, and the big brand developer is dominated by the market, and there is a problem that some of the sections is not good or slow, there will be a special price of some listings, but Only in the market, the price of the hot plate quality is still strong. Stable housing prices, it is conducive to the healthy development of the real estate industry. In the industry, insiders said that although the transaction volume of Shenyang real estate market declines, it still maintains a certain amount of volume, the housing market is in the "horizontal" stage, the price does not fall, or is in slight, slightly condition. In this case, although the overall market is not booming, it is still a smooth. Real estate involves people’s livelihood, and it is easy to disturb the market if you have a large price reduction or price increase of developing companies.

In 2019, the price reduction of a real estate price of Wuhu City was sold, and a large number of old owners were dissatisfied and went to the project sales office.

Large-scale price reduction behavior has attracted the attention of local relevant departments.

Subsequently, the price reduction behavior of the housing company was stopped, stopped related promotions, and corrected sales behavior below 5% of the preparation price.

Since this year, the central government has repeatedly emphasized the positioning and stable price, stable price, stable housing prices, and stabilizing the housing prices, and promoting the development of the real estate market. On August 6, Shenbei New District Real Estate Bureau took the lead, the United City Construction Bureau, the Education Bureau, the Market Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, and the Law Enforcement Bureau conducted talks on a number of real estate companies. The joint approach is concerned, focusing on false advertising behaviors and price reduction sales behavior, requiring real estate companies to be strongly remedial for false advertising behaviors, and companies involving false advertising will now rectify, withdraw the advertising panel.

At the same time, for the price reduction sales, the company is required to consider the interests of the real estate market while trying to avoid the price advantage to attract buyers to achieve sales purposes.