Suzhou once again issued talent "invitation"

Suzhou once again issued talent "invitation"

Original title: Suzhou once again issued talent "invitation" Suzhou, is the starting point of Wu Junhui’s "Long March".

In 2004, the other six members of his team moved home and prepared to do a career in the integrated circuit industry.

In the words of Wu Junhui, "At that time, like the ‘Long March’."

  Today, this team has developed to have more than 70 Suzhou Super Rui Microelectronics Co., Ltd., with a profit size of more than 100 million yuan. As the general manager of the company, Wu Junhui has been selected in the 1700-level major talent project, a high-level talent of 333 projects in Jiangsu Province, and the excellent scientific and technological workers in Jiangsu Province.

Recently, he also stood on Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Zhou High-tech Zoning Place and Science and Technology Innovation Week, and became one of the charm technologies of Suzhou High-tech Zone. In recent years, with Suzhou continues to increase talents, many talents like Wu Junhui are rooted in this city. It is understood that the total amount of talents in the city has reached 3.21 million, of which the high-level talents exceeded 300,000 – but this is not enough. "Suzhou is more craving more for talents than ever, but also more conditional achievements than ever before," July 10, the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Secretary Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Xu Kunlin in 2021 (13th) Suzhou International Elite At the opening ceremony of the 2nd Suzhou Scientist Day, I will send an invitation to talent again. At the same time, Suzhou also took out a series of new people’s new politics, and issued a "105" Talent Reform of Suzhou City "on the opening ceremony. Program implementation Rules "The Implementation Rules of Gusu Health Talent Program", proposing the special support for young talents, deepening talent work synergy, innovative talents, flexible flow mechanism, and accelerate the construction of greater strength, more open, and more accurate talent system system.

  Wu Junhui was coming in a series of positive policies in Suzhou. "We have selected many places when they choose to start business, when the High-tech Zone has introduced a series of preferential policies that encourage the development of SMEs, plus this city in geographic location, industrial agglomeration, we have come.

"Wu Junhui, first arrived, felt the" temperature "of the city." At that time, we had to rent a house, but life is not familiar, a government staff will drive with us. "After coming here, Wu Junhui felt at the time. The choice is correct. On the one hand, Suzhou High-tech Zone has a strong support for information technology. It provides the support of "real gold and silver" every year. "This is very important for start-up enterprises"; on the other hand, this city has human heritage, living costs Low, in addition, the government helps introduce the housing, education, medical treatment, etc., which helps "stay".

  At present, Wu Junhui’s employee’s employee’s employees account for 70%, "Most of them come from outside, but the flow rate is not high, the team is relatively stable, which is conducive to the continuous development of technology companies." Regarding the importance of talents on the development of enterprises, Zheng Wei, founder Zheng Wei, the founder of Suzhou Guoqi Technology Co., Ltd., entrepreneur, is also very scarce: "At this industry, the current chip is very scarce. It is very big. Fortunately, the high-tech district government continued support in terms of talent training, talent introduction, helping us with a multi-faceted talent issue.

"I am very happy to work and live in high-tech zones. "Suzhou Juqing Medical Technology Co., Ltd., the teacher Engineer Thomasgeorgelogan is a scholar from the University of Cambridge, England. After coming to Suzhou High-tech Zone, he was selected as a high-tech and technological innovation entrepreneurial leader, and obtained a $ 1 million project subsidies and 100 Ten Yuan people will subsidize, "I hope that my peers and friends can also come to high-tech zone to start a business, and enjoy."

  Looking back over the past 30 years, Mao Wei, secretary of the Party Work Committee of the High-tech Zone, said that the high-tech zone "relying on innovation is the first, the talent is based, and the project is king". He hopes that there are more excellent talents at home and abroad, and the root high-tech zone. On the land of this ‘poetic Jiangnan’, this is released to release innovative wisdom and entrepreneurial passion, and successfully realize the business ambition and the value of life.

  Fully build "Entrepreneur Paradise, Innovative Paradise", Xu Kunlin said that Suzhou is a city, a city that loves to retreat, is also a beautiful and livable city, will provide a broader stage for all walks. More powerful support, higher quality living environment, "sincerely invite everyone to show ambition, achieve dreams, and act in a big Suzhou exhibition." Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net reporter Sun Qingling (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Li Yihuan) Share more people to see.