Shandong Changyi Fucai Management Zhang Qiang: When the Welfare Lottery Station "Intimate People"

Shandong Changyi Fucai Management Zhang Qiang: When the Welfare Lottery Station "Intimate People"

Zhang Qiang, born in 1983, undergraduate degree, engaged in Fucai Work 11 years, have received many honorary titles such as "Shandong Welfare Lottery Excellent Administrator" and "Weifang Welfare Lottery Excellent Administrator".

As a saying, it is better to do well.

Although some people don’t know how to say, they will be careful, always think about their own things. Today, Zhang Qiang’s mouth often said is: "I am a average person, but what I don’t do, I do what I do, do it."

"Master’s leading door practice to see personal"! In 2010, Zhang Qiang, who came to Changyi City Management, began to be responsible for the daily management and betting equipment maintenance and maintenance and scratching, printing paper distribution, and familiar with Fucai tickets, The only problem will be card in terms of betting equipment maintenance and maintenance. Zhang Qiang stretched: "My entry teacher is Jiang Zhu Lin, director of the management, and he has no slight care, let me adapt to the new working environment as soon as possible.

"At that time, there were 48 blessings stations in Changyi City, and there were more than 100 kilometers from the Northern span span. In order to let Zhang Qiang got rid of the work in the work as soon as possible, Jiang Zhu Lin took Zhang Qiang around the city’s Fucai Station for two months. Return.

During this period, Zhang Qiang, a good job, not only realized the leap growth of professional skills, but also created the characteristics of each color station and surrounding color groups in the jurisdiction.

With the rapid accumulation of work experience, Zhang Qiang gradually uses the land of the equipment for maintenance and maintenance, with a variety of real tricks, and solve the problem of troubleshooting, when the color station is "intimate". "The results of the lottery are not announced, I haven’t got off work"! Whenever, Zhang Qiang’s phone should always return. "The betting machine is faulty, I am going out." This is Zhang Qiang family often listening to him. Generally speaking this sentence, Zhang Qiang will pack things out. On this day, Zhang Qiang, who is dinner with his family, received a call from the salesperson of the jurisdiction, and the two-color ball lottery is less than an hour. The colorful friends are waiting for the ticket, but the betting machine is falling. The chain, anxious salesman must not ask Zhang Qiang to help.

Zhang Qiang, which has already been developed, specially has a set of tools and accessories in their own cars, and quickly get up and rushed to the color station.

Unplug the power, open the back … Various movements, it is necessary to find the fault, and the betting machine will return to normal. After a little rest, Zhang Qiang, taking the scratch of scratching ticket on the table, starting to design the display pattern style … "Have a cloud to see the moonlight"! The combination and symposium is two important initiatives in the Happy 8 Sales of Changyi City.

"Our happiness 8 combines 10 days for a round, each colorful friends do not exceed 20 yuan in investment, combined with Ji Time ticket, auspicious ticket, scratch promotion, greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of salesperson and color friends, Zhang Qiang said .

At the same time, launch the topic symposium of "Various Trying Matters", once a week, a game theme, let the color station chooses and practices the gameplay suitable for you.

In addition, Zhang Qiang will analyze whether there is an irrational purchase color behavior in each color station according to the daily report, and there is a targeted risk tips. After all of the joint efforts, Changyi City has gradually formed a color station to help each other. You can spread the good development situation in the publicity model. At present, Changyi City Happy 8 sales have been steadily upgraded, and the single sales volume of single-machine has reached 1000 yuan.

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