Solutions and make strength for everyone

Solutions and make strength for everyone

  The underground garage is severely seepage and odor pollution environment, and the elevator maintenance is not timely, the owner arrears the property fee … An a list of questions is the "treasure" in the Hualic Hand in Le’an Community, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. Recently, Old has written this question.

  "Old, have you come again?" On March 15th, Zeng Xianjin is rushing to Huating in Lean Community, and his head has encountered the party secretary of the community Jiang Bingrong.

The old acquaintances met the face, and naturally had a chat. "Yeah, just contracted the Education Bureau, preparing to give the Community University Le’an Branch of the Hall Consumer Rights Protection Class", Zengxin’s notebook, "This is the ‘demand list I wrote", everyone hopes Listen to the health care identification class. "" Just helped the community to solve the problem of elevator maintenance, now Zhang Luo Qi’s courses in the community university, you really want to think! "Jiang Bingrong smiled. It turned out that in order to absorb the experience of participating in volunteer services last year, Deyang City selected more than 60 people from the county positions, solving the actual problem of cell governance. Old is the fourth-level researcher of the Deyang City Education Bureau. Since September last year, the residents in Lean community and work are involved in the field governance. Just responsible for the Layan Community Huating Sunshine Community, and Old will hold the residents’ reflected in the 1st regional area pavement slip slip problem.

"At that time, many households said that the road often slipped." Old, I would like to coordinate funds, help solve. What can you make a lot of money? How do you persuade everyone? Looking for the party members of the community industry committee to launch residents to raise funds; one-on-one contact with the person in charge of the community property company; report to their own unit leadership, strive for construction funds … One is busy, I will finally don’t have a white man: Community residents Money, the property company does the power, the unit also gave support, a new red rubber road quickly built.

On November 8, 2020, the new road just built in the community attracted a crowd.

  The first question is solved, and the old "issue list" finally painted a hook.

As the problem is coming, the problem is coming.

At the beginning of this year, there were more than a dozen questions in the list of follow-up, and old once developed the first quarter work plan. Ling Feng, Department of Cadres, Organization Department of Deyang, introduced that the cadres participating in the community governance are a group, regular meeting, share experience, and all cadres and distribution units have also signed a joint agreement with the community, and provide corresponding resources to help resource cadres Solve the problem.

Today, the resident cadres helped many communities to establish the Property Company Association and the Industry Committee, and more than 120 massacies have also been established. "Take our community, Dongqi Xinyuan Community is the four-level researcher of the Market Supervision Bureau, Xu Huiyu, the Huating Sunshine Community is responsible for Zengxianjin," Jiang Bingrong introduced that the community is like a lubricant, Many committees and property companies cannot solve their solve the coordination through their combing, and residents are more satisfied.

"This is not, under Xu Huiyu, the Market Supervision Bureau immediately prepares cadres, telling the identification class of health products for the elderly!" (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing let more people see.