Terring close to Winter Olympics from the Ice Hockey Family Three Generations to see the foundation of China Winter

Terring close to Winter Olympics from the Ice Hockey Family Three Generations to see the foundation of China Winter

Original title: Approaching Winter Olympics | From the Ice Hockey Family Three Generations Stick to China Winter Transportation, Although I have retired for 6 years, Cui Weiwen is still do not worry about children, as long as there is time, they will guide them after school after school. .

"I know that Cui teacher teaches well." As in the past few decades, the children’s parents were very recognized. Before retired, Cui Yiwen is the ice hockey coach in Erra Road, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province.

Since 1980, the teaching of Ice Hockey in Second Middle School in 2015 has been deeply imprint of Cui Yiwen.

"If you interviewed the development of the ice hockey in the second road, you must talk to Cui Yanyu." I learned that the reporter should understand the ice hockey development of this primary school, and the vice president of the school has highly recommended Cui Yitu.

Qiqihar is China’s early development of ice hockey, in the 1950s, there is a hob in the outdoor ice rink here.

In the early 1960s, Qiqihar Iceball team won the championship in the national competition.

In the course of the decades, there were many people in Qiqihar City. When it comes to Qiqihar’s ice hockey, it will be inseparable from secondair road primary school.

This is a consensus of many people in the local area.

Few Primary School "The development of the ice hockey moves as a school-reliant responsibility and obligation", and the second road primary school is an exception. The door of the school is designed as the shape of the ice hockey club, and the center of the teaching building is placed in the middle of the hall in the middle of the building, and the floor tips are also given the ice hockey elements. In 1957, this primary school has his own ice hockey team. There are more than 60 graduates in decades to enter the national team.

However, the ice hockey develops such an outstanding two mutual secondary school. In the past, only one ice hockey coach in Cui Yishen has been in the past. "I am born in 1955, I started to play ice hockey in junior high school.

"After graduating from Curi Wen, after 25 years old, he became a snocked coach. It will take the root. "Cui Yiwen memory is profound.

"There is a seven square meters of lounge, even the heating is not, but we train every day, you will be supported by a day in the New Year." In order to encourage students to train, Cui Yiwen engagesses all kinds of evaluation, but also Buy toys for excellent children.

At that time, Curi Wen lived in a approximately ten square meters of houses in the school.

His students have three children in family conditions. "If the parents don’t have time, they live in my hut, I will give them a meal.

"He said, the two children later entered the national team.

Cui Zhiwen’s son Cui Zhi Nan is born in that hut. "I have been more influenced by my father." Cui Zhi Nan reading in Erra Road, and then entered the Qiqihar City team. In 2004, I entered the national team in 2004. After retired from the national team in 2011, he returned to the second mong, and became a father as his father. Ice hockey coach. "Three years old began to learn skating, there is better development after retiring, but I still think should stay in the second midway elementary school." Cui Zhi Nan felt that he had a responsibility like his father, doing a good job in the cultivation of grassroots ice hockey.

"I just started pressure, I feel that I work in my father’s grades. Later, my father also helped me, I also adjusted, slowly can be alone, this is like a inheritance.

"Cui Zhi Nan said.

In these years, the number of team members of the Ice Hockey Team of the Second Road, the second year of the second year remains around 50.

In the course of decades, the school ice hockey team has participated in hundreds of competitions at home and abroad and won many champions many times. Recalling the teaching history of the past few decades, Cui Yitang said that the school can continue to output excellent ice hockey talents, thanks to the support of the heater, "education, sports, no family, this is very obvious in Erratrology." Liu Jia, a competitive sports and adolescent Sports Association, Sports Bureau, Qiqihar City Sports Bureau, said that Qiqihar City continues to explore the integration work in Iceball, football, etc., through the improvement of the event system, many primary schools have established an ice hockey team, and pass Game improvement skills.

Many ice hockers can also serve as trainers in local or go to the southern cities after retiring, and open "import" and "export".

Among the students of Cui Weiwen, some people came to become the national team coach. There were many students teaching the ice hockey in the province. Cui Yituo was very happy to see Qiqihar’s playing hockey in the past few years. "My grandson is now 8 years old, and I have been going to school in Milut Road. I have been able to skate in two years old. I have already accepted two years of system ice hockey training." Cui Yiwen said, hoping that his son can do the coach, put the heart and blood In the grassroots ice hockey business, if the grandson is suitable for the ice hockey business, he is willing to support the grandson to go.

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