The Liberation Army Culture and Art Central Art Light Cellings In-depth troops serve

The Liberation Army Culture and Art Central Art Light Cellings In-depth troops serve

"Wang Jie’s gun, we sing, Wang Jie’s song we sing.

I am not afraid of suffering, I am not afraid of death, I will be a revolution, always follow the party … "Recently, in front of Wang Jieheng, the army, the 71st group army, a brigade, the liberation army Culture and Art Central Literature and Art Light Crash members and" Wang Jieban "Warrior Sing "Wang Jie’s Gun We are ignorant."

The song is bright, and the officers and soldiers will be enthusiastic.

In the past three years, this is a basic lighting team of grassroots, service officers and men, has carried out more than 600 soldiers, more than 150,000 kilometers, service officers and soldiers, are welcome.

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in the past few days, the literary light ride is turning into 6 provinces and districts such as Su, Zhejiang, Wei, Gui, Xiang, Gui and other six provinces, and in-depth troops launched the "People’s Army Loyal Party" Theme Performance. The chorus "People’s Army is loyal to the party", and the song "the soil does not let" "breakthrough limit" "Winning" .

After reading the performance, a member of the information and communication said: "A performance is a education, which has both exciting burning points, and touching the tears of the touch, and has strongly cooperated with the party history of party history.

"It is understood that since the adjustment of the Culture and Art Center of the People’s Liberation Army, I adhere to the service of strong military services, the grassroots service, serve the officers and soldiers, using the Wulan Mingya as an example, according to the requirements of" light, quasi, live, and integrate " Team, covering a variety of art door classes such as sound, dance, instrument, small products, recital, painting and calligraphy, and actively carry out performance services, creative services, training services, psychological services, equipment services. In these years, literary light ride went to the war, Decorated the battle show, put the spiritual motivation of the morale, and grow up cultural nutrition, send it to the grassroots level, send the battle level, and help the combat power.

The surname military is the initial mission of military literature and art.

Every time the event is over, the players must go deep into classes, stand guards, guarantees, etc., using officers and men’s work clearance, to send "cultural snacks" for the "cultural fast food" for the implementation of the task. They also play a special advantage, actively helping the grassroots literary backbone, leaving a "unwilling literary light rider" for the army.

Each time, the literary light ride will be compiled into a number of groups, strictly implement the first day life system, transportation, accommodation, etc., and is well received by the grassroots troops.

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