The Red Gene Heilongjiang Provincial Fire Rescue Corps combines the history of the Dragon River "Four Spirits"

The Red Gene Heilongjiang Provincial Fire Rescue Corps combines the history of the Dragon River "Four Spirits"

People’s Network Harbin on September 17 (Yang Xuenan) Heilongjiang Provincial Fire Rescue Corps in the Party History Learning Education, with the Northeast Anti-Pediatrics, the Northern Wilderness, Daqing Spirit, Guided by the Warman in the Dragon River " "The four spirits" nourish the initial mission, high Yang belongs, calibrate the syndrome of the thoughts, "to provide a strong ideological guarantee for the high-quality development of Longjiang fire relief business. Integrate "three types of activities", learn the "four major spirits" of Longjiang.

Breaking the traditional education model, build a new form of immersive education in the "four spiritual" education in Longjiang.

To tell the activity to stimulate spiritual power. Relying on the "100-year-old cadres to talk about the hundred years of party history" evaluation activities, "Singing List" Youth Realist "Youth Refersor’s Starters Telling Activities and" Secretary Leading Original, Daily Learning Original "Party History Learning Education Reading Class, Organizing Team Party Organization secretary, advanced typical, youth refers to the war, telling historical incidents, singing the people’s deeds, constantly stimulating the spiritual power.

Seeing and seeing the love of love. The joint construction of 87 Party history learning education base, organizing the warfare widespreadly in-depth invested Memorial Hall, the Northeast Anti-United Museum, Chicken Northwest Waterfield, Daqing Oilfield History Exhibition Hall, etc. Field visitor Feeling the spirit of greatness, firm ideals, and stimulating patriotic feelings. Enhanced by the party’s day activities as a public content. Hold the flag ceremony, revisit the party’s oath, fire rescue team oath oath, etc. The people are born, and they will be built for the people. Opened "three classrooms" and talked about Longjiang "four major spirits".

In response to the education content, it is used to use the power of domestic and foreign teachers to achieve the effect of education. Expert classroom building thinking.

Focus on building a "boutique class", clarify the main context of the party history, the main line of the subject, guiding the war, the power of wisdom from the "four spirits" of Longjiang. Audiovisual classroom growth. "Centennial Party Flag Red Dream Flame Blue" tells the event, shooting the "spiritual light" of the production party history, education, education guidance refers to the power of faith, spiritual power, mass power, and Struggle.

Classroom model around you.

Combined with the reality, visit the old party members, old warriors, old farmers, old team wars, and launch the party class "activities, sitting on the bench in the bench, and standing on the party’s consolidation mission, The party members’ pioneer banner tree in the deepest degree of the ideological understanding of the war, stimulating the sense of political responsibility and historical mission in close exchange. Highlight "three points" and use the "four major spirits" of Longjiang.

Focus on the main business of the responsible, integrated with the "four spirits" and fire rescue teams in Longjiang.

Keep in mind "starting point" and firmly believe in beliefs. Solidly carry out the "National Flag Education", launched the "Report" to the Party Flag "," Commitment to the National Flag ", etc. The main attack "key point" is sneaked.

The Longjiang "four spirits" and Longjiang fire rescue teams are closely integrated, relying on "Iron People" to build "ironman class", and focus on building 13 special classes with dragon spirit attributes, and constantly hammer refining the quality capability of war.

Grasp "focal point" and insist on diligence.

Combined with "I have a practical thing for the masses", it is clear that the "report to the Longjiang People’s Report, the Warman Report", and the team party committee formulates "doing practical things for the masses" and "the new bureau" pragmatic Measures, dynamic improvement project list, surrounding the workers, troubles, worry, and open the "last kilometer" of the service the masses. (Editor: Li Hongqi, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.