Shenzhen first preparation science development five-year plan

Shenzhen first preparation science development five-year plan

Original title: Shenzhen, the first preparation of popular science development five years planned Shenzhen Science and Technology, recently issued the "Shenzhen Science Association Science Development Plan (2021-2025)", this is the first five-year plan for the first preparation of science development in Shenzhen.

According to "Plan"

  "Planning" proposed, promoting the reform of science services supply, focusing on minors, enterprises and institutions employees and flexible employment personnel, leading cadres and civil servants, the four major key populations of the elderly, providing personalized, accurate science Serve. Including the implementation of "Science Education Credit System" as the leadership, establishing school, social and family coordinates, effective connection mechanisms of internal and external scientific education resources, and widely carry out popular science education activities and adolescent technology innovation competitions; Incorporate scientific quality requirements into civil service exam hiking, education and training, leading cadres to visit and annual assessment content; enhance the scientific quality level of the elderly and healthy and civilized life, adapt to social development capabilities. "Planning" focusing on organizational management, science resources, science talents, science activities, and adolescents’ innovation ability training implementation five key projects.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science Association, "Planning" will be in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, guide the construction of science of Shenzhen Science Association to integrate into the "double district", in the whole society to create an atmosphere of advocating innovation, and implement innovation to Shenzhen The development strategy provides a more solid scientific quality basis.

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