Strive to "Red Anchor" Fuzhou Cangshan Procuratorate Homemade Party History Learning Education "Introduction to Check"

Strive to "Red Anchor" Fuzhou Cangshan Procuratorate Homemade Party History Learning Education "Introduction to Check"

"Sound into the inspection, Cangshan inspection invites you to listen! Today, it is the ‘100-year party history and then recalling the series of programs. I am a broadcast guard …" Recently, I walked into the Fuzhou Cangshan District Procuratorate. In the office, I saw the second procuratorial police station of the second prosecution department, Huang Liang, read the "Simple History of the Communist Party of China". It turned out that he was recording the "invasive inspection" column of the next issue.

"Today, I also passed a backponer, using the voice learning party’s knowledge, telling the prosecution story, spreading the party history." Huang Liang said that the history of studying party often through books, courseware, and reading the party history Sense of being affected, more determined to be a prosecutor as a new era. In order to create a new party history, the history of "Red Procuratorate" has been continued. The Cangshan District Procuratorate opened the original procuratorate "of the official WeChat public number" Sound Injury "column, and launched the" 100-year-old party history and remember "series The topic, regularly pushed every Wednesday, was served by the whole hospital, and the column was now opened. At the Cangshan District Procuratorate, everyone has the opportunity to become a "anchor". This method of learning party history has also stimulated the majority of procuratorial police to participate in the participation, and set off a tide of party history in the whole hospital.

"By reading the party history, recording the broadcast, and let us understand the party’s glorious history and stronger the party’s ideal beliefs.

"The procurator police Zheng Li Na has passed" award "," The "Sound Check" column launched the topic of the "Development of the Chinese Communist Party and the Development of the Democratic Revolution". " The heart ‘column is made by our procuratorial police, through the reading of the party’s glorious history, this novel learning method is popular in the police. We also hope that through the party history reading, guide the prosecution of the police, the history of the police, the history of hunt, learn the history of history, and learn the history of history, and further interested in the ideal beliefs in the study.

Luoqiu, director of the Political Department of the People’s Procuratorate of Cangshan District. It is reported that the hospital will also strengthen the party history, compress the party history through the branch class, speeches, the party history knowledge competition, etc. The attractiveness, appeal, appeal, and political and legal team education rectification, operability, and actual results of learning education into ideology, integration, and actual results of the party history education. (陈敏臻) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xiahua).