US media: F-35 upgrade delayed US Air Force slow down procurement process

US media: F-35 upgrade delayed US Air Force slow down procurement process

On November 2nd, according to the US "National Interest" Biyue Patent website, the expected time of new batch upgrades for F-35 fighters based on a report published in the future fighter strength according to the Mmita University of Aeronautics Aerospace Arrangement may cause the Air Force to slow down the procurement of the F-35A model. This question "In the future of the future fighter strength: Building Bridge", the F-35 fighter Block4 batch upgrade delivery may affect the delivery and procurement plan of the Air Force to determine this plane.

According to this report, the BLOCK4 batch upgrade includes a complete set of confidential hardware upgrades, technology and software downloads, which will fundamentally enhance F-35 combat power. The design and production of F-35 is carried out in the concept of adding more combat capability to mass production models by upgrading. According to reports, many combat capabilities of this fighter will join a successful software upgrade, which is intended to improve the technical capabilities of the fighter. US Air Force official said that the modern upgrade of software will no longer be carried out in accordance with the original intervals of the original separation, and will be carried out with uninterrupted options.

The report pointed out that in view of the importance of rapid addition of new software to expand the F-35 fighter in modern warfare, the report referred to concerns related to the BLOCK4 batch upgrade delivery schedule.

According to the report, any confrontation with the opponent will need a BLOCK4 batch upgrade F-35 fighter.