The rules are difficult to "," "Double Eleven" can not shop well.

The rules are difficult to "," "Double Eleven" can not shop well.

  With the opening of "Double Eleven", the "Shopping Carnival" is coming again year. At the same time, it is a variety of rules when merchants are promotional. The shuttle coupons are reduced by 40; shop coupons are over 200 minus 30; the prepaid deposit is 50 yuan to enjoy twice, plus purchase designated goods full 200 minus 20 … complex discount calculation methods make consumers dazzle, and make a lot of consumers who stay away from mathematics, have to re-picked up the "The results of nine-year compulsory education" to deal with. However, in this process, there are still all kinds of chaos frequencies: the mulberry, refusal to return, the half-night payment, etc. What is it? "More people can’t laugh, the consumers who have paid the deposit will find that the current price will be cheaper than the" tail price "after paying the deposit. This makes a lot. The people call "first". The generation of all kinds of chaos, from some merchants in violation of the principle of integrity and legal awareness, and some platform supervision is weak and dedicated to the factors.

In reality, some short-sighted merchants are involved in similar promotions in the mentality of "fishing", although it may be good in the short term, but similar to the principle of violation of market trading, it is not long-lasting.

Moreover, such behaviors have illegal violations to some extent. In the case of the "Ming Down", if it is confirmed, it is suspected of fraud.

In this regard, the "Consumer Rights Protection Law" clearly stipulates that the operator provides goods or services with fraudulent behavior, and consumers should pay for the corresponding expenses. In addition, some items that are special offer will label the words "not retreat" while selling. This undoubtedly aggravates consumers’ responsibility, and these responsibilities should not be borne by consumers.

At this point, consumers’ just right are placed in a "forcibly impaired", which is also illegal. The "Consumer Rights Protection Law" regulates that the operator shall not resolve or limit consumer rights, reduce or exempt the operator responsibility, and increase consumer responsibility, etc. Fair, unreasonable regulations.

  Since the law has related regulations, why is the similar phenomenon still exist in reality? This is because the operator uses ordinary consumers to unfamiliar with relevant laws.

This information is asymmetrically intensified with the disadvantage status of consumers. At the same time, law enforcement is weak, and the supervision mechanism is not improving is one of the important factors.

  In addition, many people have the mentality of "more than one thing is less than a less than a few things" and lazy to "pull" with the merchant.

Many consumers are still worried that if the type of small matter is "annoyed" operator, the personal information will be leaked.

Previously, because a bad review caused a conflict, it was not a small number. This requires that relevant parties should strengthen supervision on platforms, operators and logistics, and effectively protect consumer personal information.

Recently, the "Personal Information Protection Law" officially implemented, and law enforcement agencies must be severely hit by such actions and take the case. Don’t let these additional factors affect consumer rights protection.

  Of course, we also look forward to the platform to further smooth the power of consumers. For the platform, the behavior of the complaints that infringes the rights of consumer rights is not the flood beast.

At this point, the platform may wish to further improve the relevant mechanism, strengthen cooperation with law enforcement agencies to help consumers.

In the long run, this can also strengthen consumers’ recognition of the platform.

  It is also advisable to advise some "heart business", and it is better to work hard to analyze the rules of consumers. After all, the good hypothesis in the market transaction is exhausted, and the consumer’s contradictory is triggered.

  In the case, consumers follow the logic of the market economy, agree with the legitimate promotional means of merchants, and willing to pay for this, but if you use too much routine, it causes the consumer’s heart, but it has lost.

Less a few sets, more sincerity, let the "Double Eleven" shopping easily.