The scene directly hit the Sun City Garden Community Universally evacuated in the "red vest"

The scene directly hit the Sun City Garden Community Universally evacuated in the "red vest"

People’s Network Yinchuan November 18th (Liang Hongxin) "Residents of the Sun City Garden Community, thank you for 32 days, we are universal …" At 7 o’clock on the 18th, the community staff took the speaker to announce the seal. The news is accompanied by a happy voice, and the property personnel open the community door, and the residents came out of the community.

On the evening of the 17th, Yinchuan City responded to the new coronary virus infected pneumonia epidemic work headquarters, from November 18th, 2021, the Yinchuan Jinfeng District Forest Peninsula, Yinchuan City Xingqing District Sun City Garden Community Adjust to a low risk level. "The residents of the community have been looking forward to this moment.

The community plan is a small ritual. On the one hand, I want to thank the volunteers and the support of all walks of life, thank you for your watch assistance between community residents. On the other hand, I want to pass a sound, although the community is unsealed, but the prevention and control of the epidemic will often be unremitting.

Liu Chunyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jingtai Community, Jingjing Street, Xingqing District, said Liu Chunyan.

"In 32 days, we did 18 round nucleic acid testing. The government attaches great importance to our residents’ health and life safety. Every round of nucleic acid detection is very cooperated.

Because we have a winning belief, it will be able to defeat the epidemic.

"Yinchuan citizenship Haixia sighed.

And Wen Haixia mood, there is also a woman who has a pet out of the door. "There is no way to go out of the dog. Today, I want to take a breath with ‘McDull’.

"Unfair, my heart is also put down, 32 days stood very hard, but today I see the smile on the face of the residents, I think it is worth it." "Deputy Director, deputy director of Lijing Street Office, Xingqing District, said, although it is unsaped, the epidemic prevention and control of normalization cannot be relaxed," unpacking "is not equal to" solving defense ", must do personal health protection.

As of press time, Ningxia has no new diagnosis in 11 consecutive days, Yinchuan Jinfeng District Forest Peninsula, Xingqing District Sun City Garden Community has been adjusted to a low-risk zone, and the Ningxia is resumed to a low-risk area.

"According to the current epidemic situation, after evaluation, the autonomous region’s headquarters decided to gradually adjust the current epidemic prevention and control from the emergency state from November 18th, 18th to 24th, set up for 7 days. Disposal and normalization prevention and control transition period, there is a targeted to adjust some measures, step-by-step work, and after the transition period, the transition period is fully restored to the epidemic normalization operation mechanism.

"Secretary of the Party Group of the Autonomous Region Health and Health Committee, the Autonomous Region Office, the director of the Office of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Work Leading Group, the director of the headquarters Office, Director Tiande, said. (Editor: Liang Hongxin, tolerance) Sharing Let more people see.