Rethers, here is my best youth

Rethers, here is my best youth

Time is in a hurry, like water.

The blink of an eye, the leaves of the leaves, the grass is dying, and the air is filled with the taste of the separation. There is a group of veterans to return to the return of the returning train, say goodbye to the military camp to dedicate more than a dozen military camps, began to meet new journey. The military is one-line, LUNG Live. How many years, 16 years, these years, these years, they take root military camp, no regrets, use full of blood, and contribute light and heat for the construction of the troops.

Today, they are about to take off the military uniform, and they must be very uneasy, and they have to face a choice. Let’s leave this to sprinkle the sweat and youth’s military camp, who can do it lightly and free and off? The moment of reading the retired order, picking down the collar, remove the shoulder, and must have an incomparable attire and not. Looking back, I’m looking at the eyes, I can’t forget to touch the crawling. I can’t forget to work together. I can’t forget to laugh together. Too many memories are filled in my mind, and I don’t want to go. Take a look at this "three-finalist", how many days and night, they guarded the Wan Fire, and the heat of the summer is hot, and the cold of the winter is the sacred responsibility of loyalty to the sentinel. Afterwards, the steel guns in their hands are replaced by comrades, and this hottest comrades continue to guard.

The four-level warfare Chang Liang is a senior driver. In most 16 years, most of the long military years have spent the cab, driving technology can be said to be, hard Bangbang, have successfully completed the vehicle security tasks many times. Before leaving, he was most relieved or his car. He gave a car to the next driver in his eyes. He continued to pay attention to the vehicle like himself. There is too much about his memory on this car, and he is clearly known. "All the way, 16 years of military training career is the most memorant memory in this life, I never regret it to wear this military uniform, because it is a troops to grow, cultivate me constant progress, there will be no organization, I will not have Today. Today, this army will go to the end, I will always collect this unforgettable memory, keep the nature of the military, and create a new future! "He said in tears.

Ten years of military travel years, as if they are yesterday. I still remember that he led his comrades together to bite his teeth, encourage each other, always greeted all challenges in charge; remember, life, his church united, helping each other, excellent completion of the tasks given by superior .

He is like a gardener, and it has learned a lot from his body.

He also smells "camel bell" and when you leave. Because of the hot military camp, fortunately, here, the military camp makes the soldiers blood, and let the soldiers have grown up. I realized the constant alternation of the cold, and I feel the blood of the sweaty, I chose the military camp, no regrets; I chose the distance and went forward. Take off the military uniform, the military soul is still, it is never ended, but the beginning of another journey. I hope that all veterans will continue to maintain the nature of the military, with the active mentality to face the future life, I wish the foreigners, and climb the peak! Old soldier, treasure! (Wen: Wang Zeren Zheng Weiqing Map: Liu Jinxin Zhou Yucheng) Responsible Editor: Shang Xiaomin.