Taiwan’s year-end views of Baishi Chen (reporter observation)

Taiwan’s year-end views of Baishi Chen (reporter observation)

  The Lunar New Year’s Eve is approaching, and another cold air hits the station.

At the end of the year, there will be many people will be worried about the New Year; but for the rich people in the island, every year, it is the time when they are, after all, they earn real gold and silver, take a few Appeal, send some red envelopes, is their regulations. These days, Taiwan opened from the south to Northern New Year’s Street. Dihua Street in Taipei has a total of 247 booths. This year, it is necessary to open to the "Tony" – 29th of the island, 4 days over last year. Walking on the streets of Taipei, people still go to work normally, at night, lights, car water, lady, the atmosphere of the New Year is more and more strong … How is the Spring Festival ticket in the island? The Taiwan Railway Authority said that this year’s T Irash Spring Festival is no longer difficult to seek tickets, from January 21st, there are still surplus.

This year’s Spring Festival Tie has opened 647 trains.

In addition, there are also 5 columns of red-eye trains in the Spring Festival, to Taitong, Hualien, Kaohsiung, and provide a discount of 10% discount. Order Innovation High Economic Top Relatable Taiwan "Economic Department" Recently announced the number of export orders in 2013, the growth rate is% and%, double double settings, new high, the annual order amount is 100 million US dollars, especially from the mainland And Hong Kong, Europe and the United States and ASEAN orders create a historical record, from the mainland’s order billion dollars, it has also created a new year, an annual increase of 1%, with the US economic recovery, the order from the United States is also a temperature.

  Every year, the year-end bonus is more widowed, and several happy families.

In the island, the human banks analyst, although the overall economic performance of Taiwan last year is still weak, but the average year-end award is expected to increase. The current year-end bonus, Ding Taifeng is 20 months old, many listed board companies and banks, insurance, real estate and other industries, last year profit, the year-end award is more considerable, some is more than five or six months salary, more It reached 15 months.

  In order to give the people a good year, the "Stable Price Conference" recently held a "Stable Price Conference", the visitor monitoring results show that this year’s price is roughly stable compared with last year, the meeting emphasizes that the gasoline oil is 8 days before the Spring Festival (January 29 From February 5th), the price only fell.

  Also in the work of the work, there is thin and thick, and the smile of the profit enterprises such as finance, real estate, the industrial boom is lowered.

Li Dawhua, Director of Public Relations, Taiwan 1111, said that food, textile and education groups in traditional industries, etc.

  Compared to the early glory, the current media industry is relatively low, the output value is not high, the competition is fierce, and the profit is not good, so the good media year-end award will only send more months, some can’t .

The year-end bonus of the island is not yet released, "Apple Daily" and "China Times" group have been finalized, "Apple" is more convention to give more conventions, while the group can give up to month. The city road is not booming, making many workmanship year-end bonuses.

There is a survey in the island show that Taiwan’s office workers are estimated that this year does not receive the year-end bonus, and most companies may only get a mini-year year-end.

  Helping the weak people have a happy New Year to make the weak people peace in the New Year, the Taipei City Social Security Bureau announced the Spring Festival condolences gold plus code, in addition to improving the low-income house condolences, also warm for near poor, special situations, a total of 10,000 households 74.87 million yuan Xin Tai Tin Spring Festival condolences gold. In Taiwan, every year in the New Year, many children are looking forward to collar red envelopes, eat new year, but there is a group of familiar children in remote hometown, feeling not to have a happy New Year, I don’t know where I have done.

Taiwan Child Welfare Alliance Recently announced "2013 Taiwan Children’s Children’s New Year Survey Report" showed that there is a simple meal of the people who have a native of 60% of the nations of the people. Not only the night is not enough, the survey pointed out that two-eight-seven-eight-native children often feel hungry, but usually only bubble noodles, cookies can be hunger; there are also six-year-old pointers and children when they sleep, "Cotton is not warm enough ", Doubled than last year, the situation is worrying.

The survey also found that there are nearly 50% of the native boy, just put a winter vacation began to worry about the tuition fees paid in the next semester.

  Chen Li, Executivemad, Executive Meeting of the Child Welfare Alliance, said that "the days can’t go, what year" is a universal voice, the Blessing Alliance has provided vulnerable families for many years, this year is poor this year The demand for annual vegetables is nearly doubled from previous years.

She is looking forward to the community to extend a helping hand, help the weak children happy New Year. Tzuji Foundation held "Winter Distribution and Bulf Furnace Activity" in Guiji, January 18, invited Tzu’s taking care of people with nearly 500 people, and presents warmth and blessings. The Nantou County Government recently held winter relief activities in the county maternal house, a total of 1.62 million yuan of New Taiwan coins and more than 8,000 kilograms of white rice were sent to the local 500 vulnerable families.