Shenchi County focuses on the transformation and upgrading of the demonstration zone – Yellow River News Net

Shenchi County focuses on the transformation and upgrading of the demonstration zone – Yellow River News Net

  Since this year, Shenchi County adheres to the basic principles of reform and innovation, planning and leading, agglomeration, and development orientation, with "one special three upgrade" as the leader, and focus on the transformation and upgrading of the Modern Industrial Demonstration Zone.

  Continuously cultivate the leading industry.

Fully implement the leading industry promotion, the new industrial speed, the traditional industry improved the three major actions, fully excavating the potential of agricultural resources in the local characteristics, chain, make up the chain, and the end of the chain, we will surround the organic drought of the organic drought Chain, sheep industry chain, sandstick industry chain, medicine tea industry chain, potato industry chain, edible bacterial industry chain, flax industrial chain, moon cake industry chain "eight major industrial chains", strong promotion of the advantage of the characteristic industry to make great strength, promote industrial agglomeration Development, focusing on the high-end industrial clusters based on agriculture, animal husbandry, and accelerate new agriculture based on new energy, new materials. Continuously carry project construction levels. Tightly around the six industrial clusters and top ten special strategic industrial chains, excavate local core competitiveness, play the advantages of landmark products and organic green products, and promote differentiation, split development with the surrounding area, and this is based on this Quality of the attraction.

With greater determination, more powerful, hard measures, promote more large projects, and good projects are in the demonstration zone. Up to now, there are 4 items in the "Signing", with a total investment of 100 million; Let’s take advantage of the public brands of "Live Ice Pool". Through standardization management, we will focus on problem-loss, quality and good quality, and improve the image of Shenchi products. Continuous improvement of technological innovation. Adhere to the basis of technological innovation as a high-quality development, and further play a role in the scientific and technological innovation comprehensive service center of the demonstration zone and continue to introduce high-level talents.

Promote the demonstration area to deepen reform, deeper the "commitment to system + standard land + full-age" reform, accelerate all kinds of innovative resource elements, deeply promote the integration of industrial production, so that technology innovation "key variable" truly high quality development "maximum increment "Work hard to create innovative elements aggregation areas.

Promote 14 government unified service, publicly listed, let the acres of three state-owned construction land use rights, standard land transfer 42 acres.

(Liu Xuefeng).