Tibet launches the 2021 Constitutional Promotion Week

Tibet launches the 2021 Constitutional Promotion Week

  The event site. Reporter Yan Menglin took the eighth National Constitution date, this year’s publicity theme is "Xi Xi’s approach to the rule of law, and unswervingly caught the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics."

In order to further promote the spirit of socialist rule of law, enhance the legal concepts and rule of law of the people, on December 4th, the 2021 Tibet Autonomous Region of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the 2021 Tibet Autonomous Region, the Autonomous Region, the Autonomous Region Department of Publicity, the Autonomous Region, the Autonomous Region, and the autonomous region. begin.

  On the day of the event, more than 50 parties in the Autonomous Region Party Propaganda Department, the Autonomous Region Justice Department, Autonomous Region People’s Procuratorate, Autonomous Region Senior People’s Court, combined with their respective functions, through suspension banners, distribution materials, exhibition, knowledge question, on-site consultation, etc. Legal laws and regulations to the Constitution and the Civil Code and the Civil Code and the Mass Production and Life, and actively mobilize the people’s respect, learning, law-abiding, usage, and improve the rule of law of the rule of law, enhance the concept of rule of law, and do things according to law. Learn, solve problems, and resolve contradictions. The Poly Autonomous Region also fully places the demonstration leading role, builds outdoor full color LED screens, scrolling the constitutional propaganda film, etc., attracting a lot of people who stayed in the past.

Dasha City Experimental Primary School Sixth Student Once Dinnin Tell the reporter: "Today is the Constitution, I have received many legal books and information, the harvest is very big, will be carefully read after going back, and strive to learn more law Knowledge.

"The relevant staff of the Autonomous Region Pufa Office said that November 29th to December 5th is the fourth" Constitutional Promotion Week ", and the" centralized propaganda + theme activity "in our district has been adopted in the form of a series of coverage. , A variety of forms, distinctive propaganda activities. At the same time, our district also held a constitution into enterprises, constitutional enterprises, constitutional accessories, constitution into campus, constitution into communities, constitutions into religious event places, Constitution into network 7 theme activities Surrounded by the masses.

  The reporter learned that on November 13th, the party committee and government of the autonomous region, the first five-year plan for the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the Justice Department of the Autonomous Region on the eighth five-year planning (2021-2025) "in the whole district to promote the public treatment and education, marking The "eight-five" law in our district fully kicked off. During the "Eighth Five-Year Plan", the law of law in our district will be closely surrounded by four major events of stability, development, ecology, and strong, to enhance the awareness of the people of all ethnic groups, citizenship, and the awareness of the rule of law, with "legal seven" Carrier, to urge the implementation "Who is law enforcement who is the law, who is the law, who serves the law, who uses the law" to the law, further increase the accurate law, and focus on improving the pertinence and effectiveness of law. sex. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.