New citizens survive "hometown production"

New citizens survive "hometown production"

In the compartment, a box of boxes of Fuzhou lines are neat. The new citizen Zhang Menghuai took the delivery list and counted it carefully before shouting to the driver: "Qi, shipped!" Not long ago, the "new citizen loan" funds in the "new citizen loan" funds made Zhang Menghuai full of confidence in the future. "Just a few days ago, there were more than 1,000 cups of Buddha jumping wall pre -production to Qingdao, and the business became better and better." In 2020, Zhang Menghuai came to Fuzhou from a rural hometown in Sanming City, Fujian Province to become a new citizen in Fuzhou City. Cainting the production and sales of specialty foods. In the spring of this year, due to various factors, the store once stopped production and operation. Talking about the previous situation, Zhang Menghuai sighed.

Facing the funding problem, Zhang Menghuai thought of a loan. However, in a circle, Zhang Menghuai found that because his household registration and real estate were in Sanming, most of the applicable loan products were high or the procedures were complicated.

"The work and life of new citizens often have cross -regional mismatch, while banks are facing the risk management and control problems brought by information asymmetry. Obstacles. Therefore, new citizens are more difficult when applying for loans.

Huang Chun, the person in charge of the Inclusive Finance Department of the Fujian Banking Regulatory Bureau. As Zhang Menghuai tangled, his friend brought good news to him: "Recently, a new‘ new citizen loan ’is released. Your condition is just right! "Zhang Menghuai learned that for new citizens like themselves, China Postal Savings Bank Fujian Branch launched a loan product" New Citizen Loan ", with a low loan interest rate, and the entire process was accepted by the bank to across regions, which can save the two places to the two places. The trouble of running back and forth. After understanding the situation, Zhang Menghuai submitted the application materials at the bank outlet.

随即,中国邮政储蓄银行福州市分行对张蒙怀在福州的经营情况进行核实,而三明市分行则对张蒙怀在三明市的家庭背景、居住情况、房产情况开展调查,并将相关材料以邮寄方式送至Fuzhou Branch. "I thought I had to wait a month, but I didn’t expect to get the loan in less than a week!" Zhang Menghuai finally relaxed. According to Huang Chun, in order to solve the difficulty of the "separation" of the place where the new citizen’s entrepreneurial employment is, the assets and the place where the hukou is located, the Fujian Banking Regulatory Bureau guides the bank to explore the "urban and rural joint loan" model and use the outlets of the new citizen’s work place as the loan organizer. The site of its original residence is the loan cooperative bank. The organizer led the pre -loan investigation, review approval, loan issuance, and post -loan management. The benefit of the new citizens, and the bank is also motivated.

"This model not only meets the bank’s risk control needs, but also discovers a large number of new customer groups, which is of course beneficial to banks.

"Wang Yan, the product manager of the three rural financial business departments of the China Postal Savings Bank of China Savings Bank, said. It is understood that the China Postal Savings Bank Fujian Branch will launch the" new citizen loan in Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Sanming City since March 24 "Since, the product has granted credit 100 million yuan and a loan of 100 million yuan." In the next step, the Fujian Banking Regulatory Bureau will continue to focus on the pain points of the new citizen group into the city, fully mobilize the advantages of resources, and further increase and optimize the supply of inclusive financial supply. New citizens provide financial support guarantee in urban residence. Huang Chun said. "People’s Daily" (11th edition on May 31, 2022) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Wu Zhou) shared more people to see the client to download.