[Kiwhi mobile practical things as the people] 5G enlightenment Taihang Mountain has a good scenery "money" scene

[Kiwhi mobile practical things as the people] 5G enlightenment Taihang Mountain has a good scenery "money" scene

In the evening, salespersons of Shanxi Mobile Zhiguan Branch in Zencheng Village are helping local villagers live broadcast.

At the central part of the Taihang Mountain, the Ze City Village, the Qingzhanghe East, the godges of nature create a beautiful landscape here. In the first half of the year, the goal of "Qingliang Xiamen, Red Zuo, Transformation, Transformation Highlands, Taihang Qixiang County" proposed by Zuoji County Party Committee, to create a sign of demonstration homestay community and the Chinese northern sketch base, using its own advantages to build a Taihang Mountain Revolutionary Old District Wisdom Beautiful Country. Green bricks, faint trails, mountain surround, hidden in the mountains, but can’t be smashed in the mountains. "To achieve rural residence, you must drive the development of the cultural industry by improving the network of the whole village and the digital level.

"Zhao Fu, secretary of the Party Branch of Ze City Village The human language of the city, the local people’s style, the village of the village, the regional culture, the farm products, and the sketch works are attracted to the passenger flow. In China North International Sketch Base, Yunview Remote Video Convention System, AR Virtual Glasses … Let this ordinary The mountain village appears to have a scientific and technological. "The construction of the sketch base is based on teaching. "Zuo Rigu County Branch Longquan Grid Manager Originally, Not only this, in order to protect students in the process of personal safety, combined with mountain, gully, shallow and other geographical environment, this base is also united from Shanxi Mobile to launch 200 electronic positioning Bracelet, on the one hand, by setting the activity range, the warning service is provided, on the other hand, by collecting the user location information, and the alert service will also trigger a warning service for a long time at the same place.

Dynamic security is provided through the above two aspects, and the ancient village visit is provided with dynamic security. In addition, in order to construct a safe country, more than 70 cameras, 12 cloud speakers are placed in the village and converge in the village committee monitoring room, and high-definition video voice double monitoring coverage is to construct a "mobile home" management platform. At present, Shanxi Mobile has expanded Ping An rural surveillance to 7884 communities in 117 districts, including 3,655 administrative villages.

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