Fujian Printing Notice Specification Museum Exhibition Exhibition

Fujian Printing Notice Specification Museum Exhibition Exhibition

In order to implement the work requirements of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on "Three Makes and Three Effects", further enhance the level of public services in museums in the province, and promote the launch of more exhibition boutiques for museums. "Notice of Museum Exhibition Inspection" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") and "Supplement Notice on Further Strengthening Museum Exhibition Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as "Supplementary Notice"), requiring the province to record the museum regulatory materials for review, strictly check the theme of exhibition, the theme of the exhibition, Explaining words, content, etc. to ensure that the display exhibition meets the requirements and value orientation of the times, and effectively improves the quality of the museum display exhibition.

The "Notice" includes the state -owned and non -state museums approved by the Fujian Provincial Cultural Relics authorities in the inspection objects, and the inspection content covers the museum display exhibition preparation, exhibition, digital construction, the construction of museum feedback mechanisms, publicity, and the annual plan to be held to the site The competent department of cultural relics is filed, and local cultural relics departments are displayed and supervised by the exhibition exhibitions of museums in the region and reporting and delivery of the display exhibition month.

The "Notice" proposes four inspection methods, including self -examination, rectification, inspection, and summary, and requires museums in Fujian to strengthen organizational leadership, adhere to practical facts, and timely improve and improve.

The "Supplementary Notice" requires the Fujian Provincial Museum to attach importance to the leadership of party building and grasp the political direction during the exhibition.

In the creation of boutique exhibitions, we must adhere to the unity of political, ideological, and artistic nature, and truly realize the "living" of cultural relics. It is necessary to strengthen system construction and improve quality exhibitions.

Standardize the process of preparation, organization, review, exhibition, mission, maintenance, assessment, and reporting for reimbursement, and implement the "three instances and three schools" system of Chen Jiangang.

It is necessary to strengthen publicity and form a benign interaction with the media, but also interact in depth with the audience, listen to the opinions of the masses, and enhance attractiveness and influence.

It is necessary to strengthen supervision and guidance and standardize the process of approval. It is necessary to firmly grasp the responsibility system of ideological work, and implement the reporting work in accordance with the Museum Regulations. It is necessary to improve public services, integrate into the lives of the masses, and provide high -quality, differentiated and personalized museum cultural products and services.

At the same time, the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics also organized the first demonstration of the Fujian Museum, the Shanshishan Site Museum of Fujian Province, the Fujian Minyue King City Museum, and the Fujian Folk Museum, and launched the "one thing, one yard" intelligent tour project.