Shanghai Aike Zeps Purong convened all cadres and talent meetings

Shanghai Aike Zeps Purong convened all cadres and talent meetings

After listening to the supporting situation of the residual project liaison, Zhonghua combined with the recent key task and pointed out that 2021 is the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening of the troops, It is also a complete implementation of the top China’s rule of the new era of the party, realizing the key year of the second "100-year struggle": I have to effectively improve the political station, strengthen the consciousness, and carefully organize the implementation of "14th Five-Year Plan" Insurance planning and this year plan, with a high sense of responsibility and mission to promote project construction, focus on key areas such as employment industries, educational culture, medical and health, cadre talents, exchange exchanges, and focus on the implementation of people’s livelihood projects, and will development projects Doing a living, it will be thinner, truly let the mouth of the troops in the benefits of the people’s livelihood, implement the promotion, and implement the strength of the unity and stability, and actively contribute to the social stability of Ze Pu County.

The second is to do a good job in the work of all the work, and create a good atmosphere for the 100th anniversary of the party.

It is necessary to strictly implement the spirit of the requirements and related notices, and implement a good point of work discipline to ensure political security, information security; further accelerate the construction of the project, strengthen fund supervision, ensure project safety, fund safety; The third is to strengthen safety education to improve safety awareness. It is necessary to strictly implement various systems, especially the outgoing management system, please save the system, ensure personal safety, traffic safety.

Team members must strictly implement the talked to talk system, timely understand everyone’s work, study, life, and further care about the life of cadre talents and improve the quality of logistics.

It is necessary to do a good job in the mid-term rotation of the tenant talents.

All cadres have to establish a good image of Shanghai aid in the cadre talents in the actual actions, and promote the work of the work of the intersection of the work, and welcoming the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with excellent results.

(Source: Shanghai Aid Xinjiang) (Editor: Ge Junjun, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

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The rules are difficult to "," "Double Eleven" can not shop well.

The rules are difficult to "," "Double Eleven" can not shop well.

  With the opening of "Double Eleven", the "Shopping Carnival" is coming again year. At the same time, it is a variety of rules when merchants are promotional. The shuttle coupons are reduced by 40; shop coupons are over 200 minus 30; the prepaid deposit is 50 yuan to enjoy twice, plus purchase designated goods full 200 minus 20 … complex discount calculation methods make consumers dazzle, and make a lot of consumers who stay away from mathematics, have to re-picked up the "The results of nine-year compulsory education" to deal with. However, in this process, there are still all kinds of chaos frequencies: the mulberry, refusal to return, the half-night payment, etc. What is it? "More people can’t laugh, the consumers who have paid the deposit will find that the current price will be cheaper than the" tail price "after paying the deposit. This makes a lot. The people call "first". The generation of all kinds of chaos, from some merchants in violation of the principle of integrity and legal awareness, and some platform supervision is weak and dedicated to the factors.

In reality, some short-sighted merchants are involved in similar promotions in the mentality of "fishing", although it may be good in the short term, but similar to the principle of violation of market trading, it is not long-lasting.

Moreover, such behaviors have illegal violations to some extent. In the case of the "Ming Down", if it is confirmed, it is suspected of fraud.

In this regard, the "Consumer Rights Protection Law" clearly stipulates that the operator provides goods or services with fraudulent behavior, and consumers should pay for the corresponding expenses. In addition, some items that are special offer will label the words "not retreat" while selling. This undoubtedly aggravates consumers’ responsibility, and these responsibilities should not be borne by consumers.

At this point, consumers’ just right are placed in a "forcibly impaired", which is also illegal. The "Consumer Rights Protection Law" regulates that the operator shall not resolve or limit consumer rights, reduce or exempt the operator responsibility, and increase consumer responsibility, etc. Fair, unreasonable regulations.

  Since the law has related regulations, why is the similar phenomenon still exist in reality? This is because the operator uses ordinary consumers to unfamiliar with relevant laws.

This information is asymmetrically intensified with the disadvantage status of consumers. At the same time, law enforcement is weak, and the supervision mechanism is not improving is one of the important factors.

  In addition, many people have the mentality of "more than one thing is less than a less than a few things" and lazy to "pull" with the merchant.

Many consumers are still worried that if the type of small matter is "annoyed" operator, the personal information will be leaked.

Previously, because a bad review caused a conflict, it was not a small number. This requires that relevant parties should strengthen supervision on platforms, operators and logistics, and effectively protect consumer personal information.

Recently, the "Personal Information Protection Law" officially implemented, and law enforcement agencies must be severely hit by such actions and take the case. Don’t let these additional factors affect consumer rights protection.

  Of course, we also look forward to the platform to further smooth the power of consumers. For the platform, the behavior of the complaints that infringes the rights of consumer rights is not the flood beast.

At this point, the platform may wish to further improve the relevant mechanism, strengthen cooperation with law enforcement agencies to help consumers.

In the long run, this can also strengthen consumers’ recognition of the platform.

  It is also advisable to advise some "heart business", and it is better to work hard to analyze the rules of consumers. After all, the good hypothesis in the market transaction is exhausted, and the consumer’s contradictory is triggered.

  In the case, consumers follow the logic of the market economy, agree with the legitimate promotional means of merchants, and willing to pay for this, but if you use too much routine, it causes the consumer’s heart, but it has lost.

Less a few sets, more sincerity, let the "Double Eleven" shopping easily.

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The general public budget income increased by 24.2% year-on-May

The general public budget income increased by 24.2% year-on-May

Original title: May, May, the general public budget revenue increased year-on-year, the newspaper Beijing June 17 (Reporter Quichhan) The Ministry of Finance will announce financial revenue and expenditure data in May. 5 months before this year, the national general public budget revenue was 96.454 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate, which increased in the same period in 2019.

From a single month of data, May, the national general public budget income increased year-on-year, grew up than 2019.

  July – May, the central general public budget income is 45.73.5 billion yuan, an increase of 27% year-on-year; local general public budget-level income is 5071.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth%.

The national tax revenue increased year-on-year, of which domestic value-added tax increased by 24% year-on-year. The company income tax increased year-on-year, and domestic consumption tax increased year-on-year, and individual income tax increased year-on-year growth. Non-tax revenue is 126.23 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate. July, the total public budget expenditure of 93.55.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate. Among them, the central general public budget level of 120 billion yuan, a year-on-year declined; local general public budget expenditure 8155.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth%. The expenditures of key areas such as education, social security and employment are faster. In addition, government fund budget payments, the first five months, the national government fund budget income is 29.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; the national government fund budget expenditure is 2961.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 7%. (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao).

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The Party Work Committee of the Demonstration Zone of the Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone held a listing ceremony

The Party Work Committee of the Demonstration Zone of the Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone held a listing ceremony

People’s Network Shenyang June 3 (Wang Swin) On the afternoon of the 3rd, the CPC Liaoning Provincial Studying Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone Working Committee, Liaoning Provincial Executive Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone Management Committee was officially unveiled.

The Party Work Committee, Management Committee of the Demonstration Zone, member, various streets (economic zones), departments, and all districts of staff participated in the unveiling ceremony. Recently, by the central editorial approved, agree to establish the Working Committee of the CPC Liaoning Province, Liaoning Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone Management Committee, the provincial party committee, the provincial government, and implemented a company office.

The appreciation means that the reform and innovation demonstration zone has become the first reform and innovation demonstration area, which is the specific embodiment of the Party Central Committee to promote comprehensive revitalization in the northeast, all-round revitalization. The specific goal is to build a first-line area of ??the reform and opening up in Northeast China, optimize the leading area of ??the investment business environment, the innovative driving development of the leading area and the new engine of Liaoning Revitalization Development, the main path is to explore the full revitalization of Liaoning and even the northeast, can be reproduced can be promoted New mode, standing in the national strategy to take out the first first experience. At present, the demonstration area is promoting the reform and innovation initiatives covering nearly 40 reform and innovation initiatives such as human system, state-owned platform company, administrative examination and approval system, financial field innovation, "a team law enforcement", and has made breakthroughs and successful practices in some areas. Experience. (Editor: Tang Long, Xiao Yuan).

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US media: F-35 upgrade delayed US Air Force slow down procurement process

US media: F-35 upgrade delayed US Air Force slow down procurement process

On November 2nd, according to the US "National Interest" Biyue Patent website, the expected time of new batch upgrades for F-35 fighters based on a report published in the future fighter strength according to the Mmita University of Aeronautics Aerospace Arrangement may cause the Air Force to slow down the procurement of the F-35A model. This question "In the future of the future fighter strength: Building Bridge", the F-35 fighter Block4 batch upgrade delivery may affect the delivery and procurement plan of the Air Force to determine this plane.

According to this report, the BLOCK4 batch upgrade includes a complete set of confidential hardware upgrades, technology and software downloads, which will fundamentally enhance F-35 combat power. The design and production of F-35 is carried out in the concept of adding more combat capability to mass production models by upgrading. According to reports, many combat capabilities of this fighter will join a successful software upgrade, which is intended to improve the technical capabilities of the fighter. US Air Force official said that the modern upgrade of software will no longer be carried out in accordance with the original intervals of the original separation, and will be carried out with uninterrupted options.

The report pointed out that in view of the importance of rapid addition of new software to expand the F-35 fighter in modern warfare, the report referred to concerns related to the BLOCK4 batch upgrade delivery schedule.

According to the report, any confrontation with the opponent will need a BLOCK4 batch upgrade F-35 fighter.

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Survey: Greece waste more than 300,000 tons of Mega, etc.

Survey: Greece waste more than 300,000 tons of Mega, etc.

  On December 12th, the "Zhongxi Times" reported in the Greece. In the past few decades, food waste is not only one of the main problems in the diet industry, but also the problem of consumers’ attention. During Greek consumer retail trade research, during November 5 to 11, 2021, 1,000 consumers from Greece conducted a survey, which showed that the proportion of the average food waste was as high as 6%. Studies have shown that only 29% of Greek families say they will not waste any food. 60% of their families say they waste up to 10% of food; 9% of their families say they will waste 10% -25% food. At the same time, 2% of families indicate that they have more than 25% of food.

These data show that the annual food of Greece has more than 300,000 tons of food, which indicates that the situation is very serious. Moreover, these data is just a consumer’s own estimate, but in general, real data is much higher than consumers’ estimates. However, it is reported that the amount of food waste of the Greek family is not worth mentioning compared to other countries. A survey in 2019 showed that some Western Europe and the American food waste proportion of food, such as the US, 18% Canada, 15% in the UK, 14%, Belgium.

  Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables account for the largest food in wasteful food, followed by bread and pastries, frozen fresh meat, dairy products, desserts and milk.

  It is also known that there is less waste of dry food, rice, pasta, and beans, because these foods have a longer quality. The waste of meat is also less, because the price of meat is relatively high.

  About 81% consumers realize that waste of food will have a negative impact, 11% consumers believe that their family isted a lot of food. This data indicates that Greece has huge potential in addressing food waste. At the same time, researchers also conducted investigations for Greek consumers. 21% of consumers think that they are wasting food is because family food waste management is not good, and 18% of consumers are attributed to their needs, and 30% of consumers want to get help from food companies. The data indicates that consumers believe that the main motivation for reducing food waste comes from itself, but at the same time, they also hope to get the help of the outside world.

(Tan Shuyin).

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Strive to "Red Anchor" Fuzhou Cangshan Procuratorate Homemade Party History Learning Education "Introduction to Check"

Strive to "Red Anchor" Fuzhou Cangshan Procuratorate Homemade Party History Learning Education "Introduction to Check"

"Sound into the inspection, Cangshan inspection invites you to listen! Today, it is the ‘100-year party history and then recalling the series of programs. I am a broadcast guard …" Recently, I walked into the Fuzhou Cangshan District Procuratorate. In the office, I saw the second procuratorial police station of the second prosecution department, Huang Liang, read the "Simple History of the Communist Party of China". It turned out that he was recording the "invasive inspection" column of the next issue.

"Today, I also passed a backponer, using the voice learning party’s knowledge, telling the prosecution story, spreading the party history." Huang Liang said that the history of studying party often through books, courseware, and reading the party history Sense of being affected, more determined to be a prosecutor as a new era. In order to create a new party history, the history of "Red Procuratorate" has been continued. The Cangshan District Procuratorate opened the original procuratorate "of the official WeChat public number" Sound Injury "column, and launched the" 100-year-old party history and remember "series The topic, regularly pushed every Wednesday, was served by the whole hospital, and the column was now opened. At the Cangshan District Procuratorate, everyone has the opportunity to become a "anchor". This method of learning party history has also stimulated the majority of procuratorial police to participate in the participation, and set off a tide of party history in the whole hospital.

"By reading the party history, recording the broadcast, and let us understand the party’s glorious history and stronger the party’s ideal beliefs.

"The procurator police Zheng Li Na has passed" award "," The "Sound Check" column launched the topic of the "Development of the Chinese Communist Party and the Development of the Democratic Revolution". " The heart ‘column is made by our procuratorial police, through the reading of the party’s glorious history, this novel learning method is popular in the police. We also hope that through the party history reading, guide the prosecution of the police, the history of the police, the history of hunt, learn the history of history, and learn the history of history, and further interested in the ideal beliefs in the study.

Luoqiu, director of the Political Department of the People’s Procuratorate of Cangshan District. It is reported that the hospital will also strengthen the party history, compress the party history through the branch class, speeches, the party history knowledge competition, etc. The attractiveness, appeal, appeal, and political and legal team education rectification, operability, and actual results of learning education into ideology, integration, and actual results of the party history education. (陈敏臻) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xiahua).

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Remlicht Half heldere helft is niet helder, waarom?

Remlicht Half heldere helft is niet helder, waarom?

Een dergelijke situatie kan zijn dat de luchtuitlaattemperatuur aan beide zijden niet is ingesteld, en Magotan gebruikt de airconditioner van de partitietemperatuur. Magotan is een middelgrote auto onder het publiek. De wielbasis van deze auto is 2871 mm (mm) en de aspecthoogte is 4865 mm (mm), 1832 mm (mm), 1471 mm (mm).

Magotan gebruikt drie motoren, die stijgende turbo-motoren, low-power rose turbocharged motoren, motoren op hoog vermogen stijgende turbocharge.

De stijgende turbocharged-motor heeft een maximumkoppel van 150 pk en 250 nm, die is uitgerust met een directe injectietechniek in cilinder, en de cilinder van de aluminiumlegering wordt gebruikt. De low-power roller turbine opstartmotor heeft een maximaal koppel van 186 pk en 320 nm, die is uitgerust met gemengde injectietechnieken, en de cilinderkop van aluminium en gietijzeren cilinder worden gebruikt. De high-power-versie van de Turbocharged-motor heeft een maximaal koppel van 220 pk en 350 nm, die is uitgerust met een cilinder directe injectietechnologie en de cilinderkop van aluminiumlegering en gietijzeren cilinder worden gebruikt.

De in feite een 7-speed dubbele koppelingsoverdracht met deze drie motoren. Een reeks koppelingsfunctie van de dubbele koppelingsnelheid is om het oneven getal aan te passen en de andere koppelingsfunctie is om het even aantal blokken aan te passen. De dubbele koppelingsnelheid is snel en de transmissiesnelheid is ook relatief hoog.

Het gebruik van een dubbele koppelingsnelheid kan de rationaliteit van de brandstof van de auto verbeteren.

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Shenzhen first preparation science development five-year plan

Shenzhen first preparation science development five-year plan

Original title: Shenzhen, the first preparation of popular science development five years planned Shenzhen Science and Technology, recently issued the "Shenzhen Science Association Science Development Plan (2021-2025)", this is the first five-year plan for the first preparation of science development in Shenzhen.

According to "Plan"

  "Planning" proposed, promoting the reform of science services supply, focusing on minors, enterprises and institutions employees and flexible employment personnel, leading cadres and civil servants, the four major key populations of the elderly, providing personalized, accurate science Serve. Including the implementation of "Science Education Credit System" as the leadership, establishing school, social and family coordinates, effective connection mechanisms of internal and external scientific education resources, and widely carry out popular science education activities and adolescent technology innovation competitions; Incorporate scientific quality requirements into civil service exam hiking, education and training, leading cadres to visit and annual assessment content; enhance the scientific quality level of the elderly and healthy and civilized life, adapt to social development capabilities. "Planning" focusing on organizational management, science resources, science talents, science activities, and adolescents’ innovation ability training implementation five key projects.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science Association, "Planning" will be in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, guide the construction of science of Shenzhen Science Association to integrate into the "double district", in the whole society to create an atmosphere of advocating innovation, and implement innovation to Shenzhen The development strategy provides a more solid scientific quality basis.

(Reporter Wen Kun Intern Zhan Lingwei) (Editor: Chen Yizhu, Li Lang) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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Taiwan "Promotion" threat to Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue "unrecoverable disposal" Taiwan netizens

Taiwan "Promotion" threat to Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue "unrecoverable disposal" Taiwan netizens

Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue has been "single" to throw eggs (Unitednet) Overseas network November 15th "Promoting Transformation Justice Committee" on the 15th of the "Promoting Transformation of Justice", "Zhongzheng Memorial" Remove and do "unrecoverable" disposal. In this regard, many netizens have irony. "Can the people can ask ‘to make the transfer will’ do not recover ‘disposal?" Comprehensive "Joint News Network" "Dongsen News Cloud" report, on a 14th In the symposium, "Promoting the Transfer" agent "Lord Committee" Ye Hongli claims that based on "transformation justice", the principle is to recommend the removal of the "Central Memorial Hall" Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue.

She said that after the principle of "promotion", some people propose that the bronze statue can be left, as an educational and display, "But this thing as long as the host has change, maybe all, the instrument will recover Original state, therefore dealing with copper statues, "having undestricability" disposal, can not replace due to political parties, and different people will recover again.

In this regard, there is a Kuomintang’s "Relief Committee" painful "promotion of the transfer" is a hatred meeting. Many netizens have a message saying that "the mouth said that it is to reflect ‘power’, but now I am not doing the" right thing "." Some netmask, "The Democratic Party’s’ transformation justice" is to turn into the ‘authoritarian’? "There is also a netizen pointed out that" the "The transfer will have a day in Taiwan," will let Taiwan society more divided Yong Ning Day "" Can the people can ask ‘to make the transfer will’ do not recoverability ‘? "The behavior of" promoting the transfer ", Chiang Kai-shek’s Zeng Sun, the China National Party" Renaissance Committee "Jiang Wanan Zeng, "Promoting the transfer" should not only have a voice, this is just a confrontation and hatred. "Zhongzheng Memorial Hall" should retain Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue, and then fully present the history of archives to make future generations completely understand the whole picture of history.

Zhu Lilun, Chairman of the Kuomintang, also painted that the DPP was braided from the "cultural Taiwan independence".

(Overseas Network Yang Jia) Overseas screen copyright work, no authorization must not be reproduced. Editor: Yang Jia, Li Meng.

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