The Red Gene Heilongjiang Provincial Fire Rescue Corps combines the history of the Dragon River "Four Spirits"

The Red Gene Heilongjiang Provincial Fire Rescue Corps combines the history of the Dragon River "Four Spirits"

People’s Network Harbin on September 17 (Yang Xuenan) Heilongjiang Provincial Fire Rescue Corps in the Party History Learning Education, with the Northeast Anti-Pediatrics, the Northern Wilderness, Daqing Spirit, Guided by the Warman in the Dragon River " "The four spirits" nourish the initial mission, high Yang belongs, calibrate the syndrome of the thoughts, "to provide a strong ideological guarantee for the high-quality development of Longjiang fire relief business. Integrate "three types of activities", learn the "four major spirits" of Longjiang.

Breaking the traditional education model, build a new form of immersive education in the "four spiritual" education in Longjiang.

To tell the activity to stimulate spiritual power. Relying on the "100-year-old cadres to talk about the hundred years of party history" evaluation activities, "Singing List" Youth Realist "Youth Refersor’s Starters Telling Activities and" Secretary Leading Original, Daily Learning Original "Party History Learning Education Reading Class, Organizing Team Party Organization secretary, advanced typical, youth refers to the war, telling historical incidents, singing the people’s deeds, constantly stimulating the spiritual power.

Seeing and seeing the love of love. The joint construction of 87 Party history learning education base, organizing the warfare widespreadly in-depth invested Memorial Hall, the Northeast Anti-United Museum, Chicken Northwest Waterfield, Daqing Oilfield History Exhibition Hall, etc. Field visitor Feeling the spirit of greatness, firm ideals, and stimulating patriotic feelings. Enhanced by the party’s day activities as a public content. Hold the flag ceremony, revisit the party’s oath, fire rescue team oath oath, etc. The people are born, and they will be built for the people. Opened "three classrooms" and talked about Longjiang "four major spirits".

In response to the education content, it is used to use the power of domestic and foreign teachers to achieve the effect of education. Expert classroom building thinking.

Focus on building a "boutique class", clarify the main context of the party history, the main line of the subject, guiding the war, the power of wisdom from the "four spirits" of Longjiang. Audiovisual classroom growth. "Centennial Party Flag Red Dream Flame Blue" tells the event, shooting the "spiritual light" of the production party history, education, education guidance refers to the power of faith, spiritual power, mass power, and Struggle.

Classroom model around you.

Combined with the reality, visit the old party members, old warriors, old farmers, old team wars, and launch the party class "activities, sitting on the bench in the bench, and standing on the party’s consolidation mission, The party members’ pioneer banner tree in the deepest degree of the ideological understanding of the war, stimulating the sense of political responsibility and historical mission in close exchange. Highlight "three points" and use the "four major spirits" of Longjiang.

Focus on the main business of the responsible, integrated with the "four spirits" and fire rescue teams in Longjiang.

Keep in mind "starting point" and firmly believe in beliefs. Solidly carry out the "National Flag Education", launched the "Report" to the Party Flag "," Commitment to the National Flag ", etc. The main attack "key point" is sneaked.

The Longjiang "four spirits" and Longjiang fire rescue teams are closely integrated, relying on "Iron People" to build "ironman class", and focus on building 13 special classes with dragon spirit attributes, and constantly hammer refining the quality capability of war.

Grasp "focal point" and insist on diligence.

Combined with "I have a practical thing for the masses", it is clear that the "report to the Longjiang People’s Report, the Warman Report", and the team party committee formulates "doing practical things for the masses" and "the new bureau" pragmatic Measures, dynamic improvement project list, surrounding the workers, troubles, worry, and open the "last kilometer" of the service the masses. (Editor: Li Hongqi, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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Underline-launch, integration, "0411 consumption season · 2021 Dalian winter promotion consumption" officially launched!

Underline-launch, integration, "0411 consumption season · 2021 Dalian winter promotion consumption" officially launched!

Reading: Through the "0411 Consumer Season" series to promote market vitality, it has become an effective driving force for the economic boost consumption confidence in China. Through the "0411 consumption season" series to promote consumption activities to stimulate market vitality, it has become an effective driving force for the economic boost consumption confidence in China. On November 11, 2021, by Dalian Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Bureau of Computer, Municipal Travel Service, Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Management Bureau, Municipal Trade Association, Municipal Commercial Joint Federation, "0411 Consumer Season · 2021 Dalian winter promotion consumption "officially launched. Because of the recent epidemic, the spirit of the Dalian Shopping Festival Organizing Committee in accordance with the epidemic, the Dalian Shopping Festival Organizing Committee Office strategically adjusted this winter promotional activities, "0411 Consumer Season · 2021 Dalian Winter Promote the consumption "active line launching ceremony.

The main venue of this event is located in Dalian Commercial Joint General Assembly, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, China UnionPay Dalian Branch, Wanda Commercial Management Group Dalian City Company, Municipal Commercial Joint Association and other relevant leaders to participate in activities, launching ceremony Then, through Dalian cloud shopping video number, Dalian Shopping Festival and Dalian Cloud Shopping Shake, the number of people online is nearly 2,000 people. The second-level inspector of Dalian Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Ning Songyan speech Dalian Shopping Festival Organizing Committee Office, in accordance with the principle of "war vacation, in order to recharge the loss of the epidemic," 0411 consumption season · 2021 Dalian winter promotion consumption " On the online launch ceremony, the sixth batch of Dalian Huimin coupons issuance ceremony was held.

The sixth batch of Dalian Huimin consumer coupons as a continuation of the "Spring Promoting Consumption Huimin Consumption Voucher", on November 11th, 11 points through "Dalian Cloud Shopping" App, for consumers, only 11 seconds "One grab and empty", the number six batch of Dalian Huimin coupons were deadline due to 23:59 on December 26, 2021.

Consumers who have successfully grab the Huimin coupon not only on the line of local business, tourism, cultural, and sports, etc., but also in Dalian Cloud Shopping App platform consumption.

Consumers in Dalian Cloud Shopping App platform, on the basis of enjoying Dalian Huimin consumer coupon, superimposing UnionPay card payment, enjoy 50 yuan to reduce 20 yuan preferential policy; use Chinese belief The card is full of yuan to reduce the 10 yuan preferential policy. At the same time, it can also increase the cloud shopping app platform coupon. Consumers can enjoy 4 heavy discounts in Dalian Cloud Shopping APP platform, enjoy contactless delivery Safety service.

Dalian Shopping Festival Organizing Committee will make a good fortune of 2021 Dalian winter to promote consumption activities in the premise of the current epidemic prevention and control work, bringing a winter consumption feast for the people of the city, and constantly satisfying the people’s wonderful New look of life.

"2021 Dalian Winter Promoting Consumption" will last until December 31, 2021.

Xinhua Finance Statement: This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment recommendations.

Investors should operate accordingly, risk borne.

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Russian Defense: Successful anti-satellite test, fragment does not make a threat to space stations

Russian Defense: Successful anti-satellite test, fragment does not make a threat to space stations

Recommended reading Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, achieving a diversified wear device, and performs monitoring these capabilities to open to all services.

2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency therapy. 2021-11-1710: 55 Slow resistance is a complex disease, affected by genetic factors and environmental factors, where smoking is the largest environmental factor, and people who smoke more easily slowly resist. 2021-11-1710: 52 The cosmic line is a high energy charged particle produced in an extremely analog environment. The research team also found that the cosmic energy density of the cosmic wire in the central molecular cloud area near Yinxin is lower than the energy density of the cosmic "sea" outside the molecular cloud. 2021-11-1710: 49 Recently, American scientists have studied 77 tropical birds in the past 40 years of data in the Brazilian maiden tropics, found that in order to adapt to climate change, their weight is declining, and some species have decreased every 10 years. Nearly 2% of the body weight, 1/3 of the species grew a longer wings. 2021-11-1710: 48IBM said, I hope to introduce a 400 quantum-bit processor next year, and launch a processor called "Condor" in the latter year, breaking through 1000 quantum ratio. 521-11-1710: 47 Harbin Institute of Technology, the modern microscopic instrument study, the study, has made breakthroughs in the field of optical super-resolution microscopic imaging technology.

On November 16, the research results were published in the form of "Nature – Biotechnology" in International Authoritative Magazine in Changwen.

On this basis, on this basis, the project team also applies new crown virus nucleic acid detection quality control systems in the accepted assessment and quality control of new crown virus nucleic acid detection laboratories, and strongly enhances the detection level of Ningxia new crown virus nucleic acid detection. 2021-11-1709: 48 wrist, wearing a smart watch, the nose is hung in smart glasses, hung wireless headphones in the ear … In recent years, smart wear industries have developed rapidly, smart watches, headphones, etc., wearable equipment, more and more The favor of people.

Experts said that with the further development of 5G, AI, cloud computing, the smart wear equipment market will usher in more development opportunities. 2021-11-1709: 462021 Space Technology Peace Utilization (Health) International Seminar Press Conference was held in Beijing on the 16th, and reporters learned from the conference that the 4th space technology and peaceful use (health) International seminar will be 11 The month was held in Beijing on the 18th. 2021-11-1709: 44 The so-called "nuclear energy and public distance", which means that nuclear power plant power generation is directly connected to the grid, and then transported to thousands of households. 2021-11-1709: According to the media reports

2021-11-1709: 36 With an infinite enthusiasm for the scientific cause of the motherland, the 87-year-old Shari River is still tirelessly struggling in the first line of science education, and scientific light is sprinkled to each corner. 2021-11-1709: 35 In December 2020, the front commander of the four sons of Inner Mongolia, a 80-year-old old man, regardless of the low temperature of the minus 30 ° C, waiting for "嫦娥" home at the scene. In the early morning, when the No. 5 return is smooth, his eyes were full of tears – "" three steps to the party’s central government "three steps" finally became a reality! "He, is our moon and deep space One of the pioneers of the exploration project, the general command of my country’s first probation project is academician.

2021-11-1709: 32 Director of the Ecological Environment Department and the Standard Director of the Standard Director, said, "Posetage of the law" is to fully incorporate the ecological environmental protection work into the rule of law, and promote the role of the Rule of Rule of Ecological environmental governance system and governance. The ability to modernize, in depth, in depth, we will put the pollution prevention and control, and promote the high-level protection of the ecological environment with high quality ecological civilization. 2021-11-1709: 23 What is the mine production unattended? Mine intelligent control system, automatic inspection robot, explosion-proof mobile phone real-time communication, super dust removal camera … With new equipment, new systems accelerated in coal mines, a coal mine intelligent blueprint is painting in Shanxi.

2021-11-1709: 23 The world seems to be talking about "Yuancos".

But the statement around this, the people said, and it is a job. Some people think that this is a race in the future, and there should be a racing posture; if someone thinks that "Yuan Universe" is a capital speculation, which is a certain company’s technology An investment is saved. 2021-11-1709: 20 Wild strawberry resources have excellent fruit quality characteristics, such as the five-leaf strawberry white fruit has a strong fragrance, yellow raspberry has peach fragrant, green strawberries have fragrant flavor … The current cultivation variety has lost some Aromatic smell. 2021-11-1610: 44 Sichuan Virgin Xichang Hospital covers an area of ??202 mu, with a total construction area of ??about 10,000 square meters, which is a "earthquake hospital" in the country’s largest building area.

The total investment of the project is approximately 3.5 billion yuan, consists of three parts of the three-level comprehensive hospital, the International Medical Service Center, the Education and Employment Training Center.

2021-11-1610: 27 For different pigments, the ancient craftsmen use different concentrations of gel to adjust, such as adoption of concentrates and silver, using medium and thin adhesive and earthen, using pizza and black smoke.

2021-11-1610: 21.

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Vandaag, "Yuan" Ding China · Harbin Songhua Jiang Snow Carnaval

Vandaag, "Yuan" Ding China · Harbin Songhua Jiang Snow Carnaval

Op 5 januari 2021 opende het 37e Harbin International Snow Festival. Corporate Cultural Ice Carvings in deze wereld, onge?venaard China Harbin Songhuajiang Ice and Snow Carnaval. In dit jaar is China Harbin Songhuajiang Ice en Snow Carnaval Scene, een "Edge" -woord Ice Sculpture bijzonder opvallend. ‘S Nachts is het ijssculptuur na verlichting vol en de sfeer is een uniek landschap in China geworden, Harbin Songhuajiang Ice and Snow Carnaval. Deze wereld is geliefd en het lot is sneeuw.

Sinds het begin, sinds het einde van het jaar, heeft het bedrijf altijd de "mooie wijn en de goede marge" beoefend, toegewijd aan de verspreiding van de culturele en alcoholcultuur, met de penetratie van culturele penetratie, en gaat uit een Uniek kenmerk. Cultureel marketingpad.

Deze wereld is opgenomen in de ontwikkelingsstrategie van het bedrijf in de ontwikkelingsstrategie van Enterprise, en is een modelbeoefenaar van maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid.

2020, een plotselinge epidemie, laat iedereen een harteloos geheugen verlaten.

Naarmate het Nationale Merkproject van China, zal dit vandaag logisch en verantwoordelijkheid vormen, en het combineren van bedrijfsontwikkeling en nationale ontwikkeling, hulde te betalen aan het tijdperk, dankbaar voor de samenleving. Tijdens de epidemie hebben bedrijven en werknemers meer dan 10 miljoen yuan gedoneerd; georganiseerd over het hele marketingcentrum tot medeleven met het eerste lijn preventie- en controlepersoneel; om te leiden tot Wuhan om de huwelijksperiode uit te stellen, de collectieve bruiloft, een bruiloft wijn uit te stellen ; introduceer de "burgerlijke negen" en de dealer. 2021 is het jaar van het "14e vijf-jarige plan" -planning van de wereld, en het begin van ‘s werelds nationalisatiestrategie neemt het begin van de ontwikkeling van de springfrog.

De secretaris en de voorzitter van vandaag Secretaresse en voorzitter Zhou Xing zei dat tijdens het "14e vijf-jarige plan" -periode, de geest van de 19e nationale vijf plenaire zitting van de 19e nationale sessie wordt "ontwikkelde hoge kwaliteit, de wijn is nieuw" als achtervolging , en werk concentrisch, eerder, ernaar streven ernaar te streven om te rangschikken tussen de witte wijnindustrie. China Harbin Songhuajiang Snow Carnaval-project wordt georganiseerd door de regering van Harbin Gemeente mensen, de Dolin District People’s Government, Harbin Cultural Tourism Group, Harbin Madi Group Co, Ltd, die een oppervlakte van meer dan 14 miljoen vierkante meter bedekt, is er " China’s grootste natuurlijke ecologie-ijsstichting.

Tijdens het Harbin International Snow Festival, het ijs en de sneeuw Carnaval vertrouwen op het rijke ijs en sneeuw en casual en interactieve ijs- en sneeuwthema-activiteiten, verzamelen bijna 10 miljoen mensen, logistiek, informatiestroom, bouwen China’s ijs- en sneeuwcultuur ecotrope cirkels en industrieel ketting en ontbranden de fakkel van ijs- en sneeuwindustrie.

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The first secretary of the well-off], then [Damxung: improving infrastructure Tinto industry well-off

The first secretary of the well-off], then [Damxung: improving infrastructure Tinto industry well-off

Xinhua Lhasa, November 2 power (Tenzin Nubu) from Lhasa, after traveling north on the highway more than two hours, went to the township in Damxung song was rather village. "Music only" in Tibetan means for the hot springs. Here, rich in trace elements hot springs gush from the ground cuckoo, just after the harvest of people leisurely got into the bubble pool, relax the whole body and mind …… song was the source of the natural hot springs village of October 30 shooting.

Xinhua reported that Tenzin Nubu taken with spa bath illnesses and customs so long in Tibet. According to classic Tibetan Medicine "four medical" records, Tibetan medicine bath spas into natural and artificial water bath for two drugs.

By natural hot spring bath to keep fit, get rid of the patient.

Ning in rural areas for the only village of the former first secretary Qiu Xueyan said, after to a song only village, with local geothermal resources, through multiple communication and spa operators will eventually spa business into the village collective economy in 2020, the village collective economic dividends to the masses 340,000 yuan.

October 30, Qiu Xueyan chatting with villagers Zhata elderly. Xinhua Tenzin Nubu taken into the song before the elderly in the village Zhata, greeted by televisions, washing machines, freezers and other household appliances, houses spacious and bright. Entering the house, the old man enthusiastically Zhata reach the local dried meat cow said, "I am 70 years old, but good health, good appetite, you can eat a variety of food, very grateful to the current good policy.

"October 30, Zhata elderly and granddaughter in the yard the sun. Xinhua Tenzin Nubu taken in addition to geothermal resources, as a famous county animal husbandry in Lhasa, Damxung livestock also more developed in 2015, when Xiong County launched the "identity" of beef.

In this mode, the electronic chip cattle from birth when they are implanted in the body, above the record of the basic situation of farmers and livestock health, immunology, and vaccine and other information, each cow has become a unique "identity."

After beef after a steady stream of deep processing will be sold throughout the country, effectively promote local economic development. October 30, staff showed the "identity" of beef.

Xinhua Tenzin Nubu taken October 30, "Network Red" in the live presentation when the male specialty products.

Xinhua reported that Tenzin Nubu taken this year from January to October the village collective economic income of the county million.

With the collective economy continues to grow and continue to develop agriculture and animal husbandry products, a group of village cooperatives of farmers and herdsmen features and characteristics of agriculture and animal husbandry products processing enterprises gradually develop, promote agricultural productivity and professional level of continuous improvement.

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The Liberation Army Culture and Art Central Art Light Cellings In-depth troops serve

The Liberation Army Culture and Art Central Art Light Cellings In-depth troops serve

"Wang Jie’s gun, we sing, Wang Jie’s song we sing.

I am not afraid of suffering, I am not afraid of death, I will be a revolution, always follow the party … "Recently, in front of Wang Jieheng, the army, the 71st group army, a brigade, the liberation army Culture and Art Central Literature and Art Light Crash members and" Wang Jieban "Warrior Sing "Wang Jie’s Gun We are ignorant."

The song is bright, and the officers and soldiers will be enthusiastic.

In the past three years, this is a basic lighting team of grassroots, service officers and men, has carried out more than 600 soldiers, more than 150,000 kilometers, service officers and soldiers, are welcome.

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in the past few days, the literary light ride is turning into 6 provinces and districts such as Su, Zhejiang, Wei, Gui, Xiang, Gui and other six provinces, and in-depth troops launched the "People’s Army Loyal Party" Theme Performance. The chorus "People’s Army is loyal to the party", and the song "the soil does not let" "breakthrough limit" "Winning" .

After reading the performance, a member of the information and communication said: "A performance is a education, which has both exciting burning points, and touching the tears of the touch, and has strongly cooperated with the party history of party history.

"It is understood that since the adjustment of the Culture and Art Center of the People’s Liberation Army, I adhere to the service of strong military services, the grassroots service, serve the officers and soldiers, using the Wulan Mingya as an example, according to the requirements of" light, quasi, live, and integrate " Team, covering a variety of art door classes such as sound, dance, instrument, small products, recital, painting and calligraphy, and actively carry out performance services, creative services, training services, psychological services, equipment services. In these years, literary light ride went to the war, Decorated the battle show, put the spiritual motivation of the morale, and grow up cultural nutrition, send it to the grassroots level, send the battle level, and help the combat power.

The surname military is the initial mission of military literature and art.

Every time the event is over, the players must go deep into classes, stand guards, guarantees, etc., using officers and men’s work clearance, to send "cultural snacks" for the "cultural fast food" for the implementation of the task. They also play a special advantage, actively helping the grassroots literary backbone, leaving a "unwilling literary light rider" for the army.

Each time, the literary light ride will be compiled into a number of groups, strictly implement the first day life system, transportation, accommodation, etc., and is well received by the grassroots troops.

(Editor: Chen Yu, Tang Song) Sharing let more people see.

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Terring close to Winter Olympics from the Ice Hockey Family Three Generations to see the foundation of China Winter

Terring close to Winter Olympics from the Ice Hockey Family Three Generations to see the foundation of China Winter

Original title: Approaching Winter Olympics | From the Ice Hockey Family Three Generations Stick to China Winter Transportation, Although I have retired for 6 years, Cui Weiwen is still do not worry about children, as long as there is time, they will guide them after school after school. .

"I know that Cui teacher teaches well." As in the past few decades, the children’s parents were very recognized. Before retired, Cui Yiwen is the ice hockey coach in Erra Road, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province.

Since 1980, the teaching of Ice Hockey in Second Middle School in 2015 has been deeply imprint of Cui Yiwen.

"If you interviewed the development of the ice hockey in the second road, you must talk to Cui Yanyu." I learned that the reporter should understand the ice hockey development of this primary school, and the vice president of the school has highly recommended Cui Yitu.

Qiqihar is China’s early development of ice hockey, in the 1950s, there is a hob in the outdoor ice rink here.

In the early 1960s, Qiqihar Iceball team won the championship in the national competition.

In the course of the decades, there were many people in Qiqihar City. When it comes to Qiqihar’s ice hockey, it will be inseparable from secondair road primary school.

This is a consensus of many people in the local area.

Few Primary School "The development of the ice hockey moves as a school-reliant responsibility and obligation", and the second road primary school is an exception. The door of the school is designed as the shape of the ice hockey club, and the center of the teaching building is placed in the middle of the hall in the middle of the building, and the floor tips are also given the ice hockey elements. In 1957, this primary school has his own ice hockey team. There are more than 60 graduates in decades to enter the national team.

However, the ice hockey develops such an outstanding two mutual secondary school. In the past, only one ice hockey coach in Cui Yishen has been in the past. "I am born in 1955, I started to play ice hockey in junior high school.

"After graduating from Curi Wen, after 25 years old, he became a snocked coach. It will take the root. "Cui Yiwen memory is profound.

"There is a seven square meters of lounge, even the heating is not, but we train every day, you will be supported by a day in the New Year." In order to encourage students to train, Cui Yiwen engagesses all kinds of evaluation, but also Buy toys for excellent children.

At that time, Curi Wen lived in a approximately ten square meters of houses in the school.

His students have three children in family conditions. "If the parents don’t have time, they live in my hut, I will give them a meal.

"He said, the two children later entered the national team.

Cui Zhiwen’s son Cui Zhi Nan is born in that hut. "I have been more influenced by my father." Cui Zhi Nan reading in Erra Road, and then entered the Qiqihar City team. In 2004, I entered the national team in 2004. After retired from the national team in 2011, he returned to the second mong, and became a father as his father. Ice hockey coach. "Three years old began to learn skating, there is better development after retiring, but I still think should stay in the second midway elementary school." Cui Zhi Nan felt that he had a responsibility like his father, doing a good job in the cultivation of grassroots ice hockey.

"I just started pressure, I feel that I work in my father’s grades. Later, my father also helped me, I also adjusted, slowly can be alone, this is like a inheritance.

"Cui Zhi Nan said.

In these years, the number of team members of the Ice Hockey Team of the Second Road, the second year of the second year remains around 50.

In the course of decades, the school ice hockey team has participated in hundreds of competitions at home and abroad and won many champions many times. Recalling the teaching history of the past few decades, Cui Yitang said that the school can continue to output excellent ice hockey talents, thanks to the support of the heater, "education, sports, no family, this is very obvious in Erratrology." Liu Jia, a competitive sports and adolescent Sports Association, Sports Bureau, Qiqihar City Sports Bureau, said that Qiqihar City continues to explore the integration work in Iceball, football, etc., through the improvement of the event system, many primary schools have established an ice hockey team, and pass Game improvement skills.

Many ice hockers can also serve as trainers in local or go to the southern cities after retiring, and open "import" and "export".

Among the students of Cui Weiwen, some people came to become the national team coach. There were many students teaching the ice hockey in the province. Cui Yituo was very happy to see Qiqihar’s playing hockey in the past few years. "My grandson is now 8 years old, and I have been going to school in Milut Road. I have been able to skate in two years old. I have already accepted two years of system ice hockey training." Cui Yiwen said, hoping that his son can do the coach, put the heart and blood In the grassroots ice hockey business, if the grandson is suitable for the ice hockey business, he is willing to support the grandson to go.

(Xinhua News Agency, Wang Junbao) (Editor: Yang Yupo, Endian Pack) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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Tegen het tweede jaar heeft het meer dan 2 miljoen opleiding hooggeschoolde talenten gecultiveerd.

Tegen het tweede jaar heeft het meer dan 2 miljoen opleiding hooggeschoolde talenten gecultiveerd.

Originele titel: Tweehonderdduizend mensen in het tweede jaar van 2015, er waren meer dan twee miljoen mensen, en het ministerie van Human Resources en Social Security gaf het "Technisch Onderwijs" 14e "Plan" (hierna aangeduid als "planning") , voorgesteld aan 2025 De basisvorming van het technisch onderwijssysteem is perfecter, de lay-out is redelijker, en de kenmerken zijn prominenter, en de ontwikkeling van vaardigheden en opleiding is meer in overeenstemming met de goede situatie waarin de economische en sociale ontwikkeling nodig heeft. Volgens de verantwoordelijke persoon die de leiding heeft over het ministerie van Human Resources en Social Security, heeft "Planning" in totaal 7 delen van de volledige tekst, waaronder 5 kolommen, waaronder het bevorderen van hooggeschoolde talenten, en krachtig versterken van de samenwerking van de ondernemingen van de ondernemingen, en het bevorderen Kwaliteit en geco?rdineerde ontwikkeling van technisch onderwijs, enz. Inhoud.

Tijdens de periode ’14e vijfjaren’, welke grote doelstellingen moeten de vaardigheidstalenten van mijn land? "Planning" Stelt vier hoofdspecifieke indicatoren in in de kolomvorm, één is niet minder dan 3,6 miljoen aan schoolstudenten, en de tweede is dat de arbeidsparticipatie van afgestudeerden wordt gehandhaafd op meer dan 97%, en de derde is om de derde te cultiveren opleiding van hooggeschoolde talenten meer dan 2 miljoen. De vierde is om professionele vaardighedenstraining uit te voeren voor werknemers en werkgelegenheid, niet minder dan 20 miljoen. Bovendien heeft "planning" ook een reeks projectconstructiesindicatoren voor de bouw van de technische instelling voorgesteld.

Neem bijvoorbeeld 30 周 技 教 教 基, selecteer 300 Hoogwaardige werktuigkundige hogescholen, 500 hoogwaardige professional, Build 100 Links en Right Technical Education Alliance (Group), Nieuw, Wijzigen (Expand) 100 Een linkse en juiste technische instellingen en instellingen voor beroepsopleidingen, ontwikkeld, geselecteerd 1500 soorten technisch onderwijsplanningsmaterialen, selecteren 100 links en rechts technisch onderwijs digitale hulpbronnenconstructie en toepassingen uitstekende instellingen. In termen van de samenwerking op schoolondernemingen, stelt "planning" voor om de vormen van schoolondernemingen te blijven uitbreiden, inclusief het initiatief van de industrie enterprises, depth-participatie in technische premie, curriculum, ontwikkelingsmaterialenontwikkeling, onderwijzending, samenwerking, gezamenlijke constructie, nieuw Cursussen voeren ordertraining uit; Bouw het Samenwerkingsplatform van de school Enterprise, bevorder de nauwe combinatie van talenttraining en ondernemingen die nodig zijn voor ondernemingen. De relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het ministerie van Human Resources en Social Security, zei dat de "14e vijf-jarige plan" -periode, de technische instellingen zullen ontwikkelen tot belangrijke platforms voor de groei van academisch onderwijs en beroepsopleidingsvaardigheden, de belangrijke samenstelling van Modern beroepsonderwijssysteem, bouwt een op de vaardigheid gebaseerde maatschappij belangrijke afhankelijkheid van de bouw.

In de afgelopen jaren is het technisch onderwijs van mijn land blijven uitbreiden en het schoolmodel is volwassener, en de kenmerken van renbaan zijn meer herkend.

Vanaf het einde van 2020, 2423 technische hogescholen in het land (496 technici college), duizenden mensen op scholen en het uitvoeren van professionele training van meer dan 4 miljoen mensen elk jaar. (Reporter Yao Yaci) (Editor: Zhang Ruolin (stagiair), Li Yihuan) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

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Trek vertrouwen en kracht van kostbare historische ervaring

Trek vertrouwen en kracht van kostbare historische ervaring

  Alleen door de rijke voedingsstoffen in de kostbare geschiedenis volledig te halen, condenseren het verdere stevige vertrouwen, de sterkte, om nieuwe grote hoofdstukken op de weg van de nieuwe test te schrijven, de nieuwe grote hoofdstukken zijn als een spiegel.In de betrokken wereld werd de zesde plenaire vergadering van het 19e Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China met succes gesloten.

De plenaire vergadering is een uitgebreide samenvatting van de belangrijkste prestaties en historische ervaring van de 100-jarige strijd van de partij, en beschouwt de "resolutie van het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China op het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China", volledig Weerspiegeling van onze partij, gericht op de toekomst, gericht op het gebruik van historische ervaring.Studeer serieus en implementeer de geest van de plenaire vergadering, we kunnen diep begrijpen dat het tijdperk de Venders is, wij zijn de antwoordpersoon, de mensen zijn de gingen.

Alleen met de rijke voedingsstoffen in waardevolle historische ervaring, verder stevig vertrouwen, cohesie, om nieuwe grote hoofdstukken te schrijven op de manier van de nieuwe test.

  "Als je naar de toekomst wilt kijken, moet je de geschiedenis zien." Historische ervaring kan een realiteit worden die door de realiteit kan worden gebruikt, de sleutel is om de wet te onthullen, het grote potentieel te begrijpen en een diepe inspiratie en leiding te hebben.

In 1945, de ‘resolutie van verschillende historische kwesties’ doorgegeven door de zesde plenaire zitting van de partij, de ‘resolutie van het feest sinds het feest sinds het feest sinds het feest van 1981’ grote historische evenementen en belangrijke lessen, in een groot historisch junister, verenigd De ideologische werking van het hele partij, speelt een belangrijke leidende rol bij het bevorderen van het feest en de mensen, en de basisdiscussie en conclusies zijn nog steeds van toepassing.

Tegenwoordig zal onze partij naar het nieuwe historische uitgangspunt komen, door de geschiedenis van de 100e jaar lopen, en de ‘Ten Huring’ is zeer samengevat in de waardevolle historische ervaring van honderden jaren, onthullend dat het feest altijd onoverwinnelijk is Historisch, continu verkrijgen van het succesvol genetische wachtwoord, toont de beste kwaliteit van het feest in gedachten, altijd vitaliteit, laten we de stevige bepaling van het feest zien.

  De geschiedenis is om vroegere leerboeken te begrijpen, en het is ook een voedingsstoffen tegenover de toekomst. Terugkijkend op de honderd jaar strijd, vooral de enorme ontberingen en kosten van onze partij voor honderd jaar, we hebben diep ervaren dat de kostbare historische ervaring van het feest niet uit de lucht valt, niet uit het boek, komt niet uit andere landen , het is in beweging, maar in honderd jaar heeft onze partijgroep de mensen geleid om door de duizenden bergen te lopen, vol ontberingen, worstelen en lijden aan duizenden molens, duizenden moeilijkheden oversteken, de dagelijkse maand is moe.

Onder hen, waaronder succes en falen, gecondenseerd bloed en zweet, vol met wijsheid en dapperheid, zowel de kostbare spirituele rijkdom en de bron van kracht om te blijven worstelen.

Ik heb de naleving op lange termijn aan de waardevolle geschiedenis van de partij. We kunnen zien waarom je in het verleden kunt slagen, en begrijpt hoe je het succes kunt voortzetten, dus groeiende wijsheid, het verbeteren van eenheid, het vergroten van het vertrouwen, het versterken van de gevechten, het verhitten van de ontwikkeling, Majestueuze kracht.

  "Spiegel is verlicht en de oude familie is bekend." De kostbare historische ervaring van het feest is de laan, het verkennen van de waarheid, openbaring is het geval, de kaars is de toekomst.

Terugkijkend op de briljante weg, kijkend naar de zon om de weg te zien, kijkend naar de toekomstige weg van opwekking, is ons vertrouwen 100 keer, en de kracht is vol.

Dit vertrouwen en de kracht is het stevige vertrouwen van het leiderschap van de partij, de sterke stress die niet ontspannen in de bergen is ontspannen. Geschiedenis en realiteit hebben aangetoond dat er geen Chinese communistische partij is, er is geen nieuw China, er is geen grote opwekking van de Chinese natie.

Houd zich vast aan het uitgebreide leiderschap van het feest, ongeacht hoeveel wind golven blazen, we kunnen allemaal roossen, stappen. Dit vertrouwen en de kracht is een vast vertrouwen in wetenschappelijke waarheden en haastig is de innovatieve vitaliteit van het sashimon van Shenzhou.

Waarom is het Chinese Communistische Partij? Waarom is het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken, en het komt door het marxisme.

Zolang we moedig zijn, zullen we doorgaan met het bevorderen van theoretische innovatie, goed in het leiden van nieuwe praktijken door de innovatietheorie van de partij, moet een nieuw wereldwonder maken.

Dit vertrouwen en de kracht is het stevige vertrouwen in het begrip van de mensen. Jiangshan is de mensen, de mensen zijn Jiangshan. Zolang we ons houden aan de essentie, zullen we nooit vervagen, de fundamentele belangen van de meest brede massa’s van mensen, zullen altijd een breder bedrijfsstadium hebben. Dit vertrouwen en de kracht is een stevig vertrouwen in de weg van China, en het is zeer zelfverzekerd en stevig in chaos.

Kijk naar de weg, meer mensen weg, met uitzicht op de weg, alleen de Socialistische weg met Chinese kenmerken is in lijn met het juiste pad van de nationale omstandigheden van China, de Cangzhuang Avenue die een beter leven cre?ert en de nationale opwekking realiseert. Zolang we in een stride gaan, zullen we je eigen bestemming stevig beheersen en gezamenlijk het moederland promoten op voorspoed. De beste herdenking van de geschiedenis is om nieuwe geschiedenis te cre?ren in het lossen van de strijd; het beste erfenis van ervaring is om nieuwe ervaring te ontwikkelen in het harde werk. Tegenwoordig ervaart de wereld een grote verandering in de afgelopen 100 jaar, mijn land bevindt mijn land in een kritieke fase van grote krachtontwikkeling. We moeten het zien, hoewel we meer in de buurt zijn dan in de geschiedenis, meer zelfvertrouwen en vermogen om de Great Revival-doelen van de Chinese natie te bereiken, maar de voorwaartse weg mag nooit soepel en glad zijn, maar vol met doornen en hobbels, Beide is nodig om de "Lushanuan" "Laizikou" over te steken, maar ook om "zwarte zwaan" "Ash Rhinoceros" te voorkomen. We moeten beter omgaan met allerlei soorten te voorzien en onvoorspelbare risico-uitdagingen, en onze eigen dingen doen, moet u rekening houden met de verwachtingen van het feest en de mensen, het erven van de waardevolle historische ervaring in de daadwerkelijke maatregelen, het niet vergeten, niet vergeten In het begin zal het stevige vertrouwen nooit zeilen, drums en droog, en hard werken, niet bang voor offer, de hero?sche strijd zal nooit krimpen, vergeet de ontberingen van het lijden gisteren niet, de missie van vandaag niet verdiende, niet om de missie van vandaag, niet te verliezen Geweldige dromen van morgen, daardoor, in een vollediger enthousiasme, een nieuw tijdperk van meer hooggebaar.

  Samenvatting van honderd jaar is de wind vol met zee en de lucht; de toekomst, de golven zijn kalm.

Sinds de geboorte van het Army van het People zullen ze zich niet bevolen aan het absolute leiderschap van het leger van het feest. Durf om alle vijanden in de regen te overweldigen, zullen ze nooit door de vijand bezwijken. In de reddingsredding, de onbevreide stipt Partij en de mensen zijn het meest nodig. Gezellige chirurgie in de geest van het sterke leger, en voortdurend verhuizen van de overwinning naar de overwinning, met het feest en de mensen. Stappen op het pad van de nieuwe test, met uitzicht op het "sterke leger" om het feest in het nieuwe tijdperk te bereiken, het tijdperk van het bouwen van ons leger in ‘s werelds eerste klasse leger, gebaseerd op de geschiedenis, beginnen we de toekomst evenzeer , vol kracht. Elke fase heeft een prachtige, elke post moet vechten. We zijn ervan overtuigd dat zolang het hoofd moeilijk is, de dappere gaat vooruit, de moeilijkheid is worstelen, en het worstelen om een ??eersteklas te cre?ren. Elke moeilijke interventie stopt onze voorstap niet. Prestaties.

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Solutions and make strength for everyone

Solutions and make strength for everyone

  The underground garage is severely seepage and odor pollution environment, and the elevator maintenance is not timely, the owner arrears the property fee … An a list of questions is the "treasure" in the Hualic Hand in Le’an Community, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. Recently, Old has written this question.

  "Old, have you come again?" On March 15th, Zeng Xianjin is rushing to Huating in Lean Community, and his head has encountered the party secretary of the community Jiang Bingrong.

The old acquaintances met the face, and naturally had a chat. "Yeah, just contracted the Education Bureau, preparing to give the Community University Le’an Branch of the Hall Consumer Rights Protection Class", Zengxin’s notebook, "This is the ‘demand list I wrote", everyone hopes Listen to the health care identification class. "" Just helped the community to solve the problem of elevator maintenance, now Zhang Luo Qi’s courses in the community university, you really want to think! "Jiang Bingrong smiled. It turned out that in order to absorb the experience of participating in volunteer services last year, Deyang City selected more than 60 people from the county positions, solving the actual problem of cell governance. Old is the fourth-level researcher of the Deyang City Education Bureau. Since September last year, the residents in Lean community and work are involved in the field governance. Just responsible for the Layan Community Huating Sunshine Community, and Old will hold the residents’ reflected in the 1st regional area pavement slip slip problem.

"At that time, many households said that the road often slipped." Old, I would like to coordinate funds, help solve. What can you make a lot of money? How do you persuade everyone? Looking for the party members of the community industry committee to launch residents to raise funds; one-on-one contact with the person in charge of the community property company; report to their own unit leadership, strive for construction funds … One is busy, I will finally don’t have a white man: Community residents Money, the property company does the power, the unit also gave support, a new red rubber road quickly built.

On November 8, 2020, the new road just built in the community attracted a crowd.

  The first question is solved, and the old "issue list" finally painted a hook.

As the problem is coming, the problem is coming.

At the beginning of this year, there were more than a dozen questions in the list of follow-up, and old once developed the first quarter work plan. Ling Feng, Department of Cadres, Organization Department of Deyang, introduced that the cadres participating in the community governance are a group, regular meeting, share experience, and all cadres and distribution units have also signed a joint agreement with the community, and provide corresponding resources to help resource cadres Solve the problem.

Today, the resident cadres helped many communities to establish the Property Company Association and the Industry Committee, and more than 120 massacies have also been established. "Take our community, Dongqi Xinyuan Community is the four-level researcher of the Market Supervision Bureau, Xu Huiyu, the Huating Sunshine Community is responsible for Zengxianjin," Jiang Bingrong introduced that the community is like a lubricant, Many committees and property companies cannot solve their solve the coordination through their combing, and residents are more satisfied.

"This is not, under Xu Huiyu, the Market Supervision Bureau immediately prepares cadres, telling the identification class of health products for the elderly!" (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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